Queer As Folk Brian Justin Without You

Queer as Folk Brian & Justin `Without You'

This is my second video I did about B/J love. I don't know what happened with the sound (it's broken here&there). But it doesn't matter coz it's my second one.

Brian/Justin || Imagine Me Without You

Just wanted to remake this thing - finally! The first version sucked (bad clip quality, poorly-made ending) but hopefully this works out okay. I love this song a lot ...

QAF - Brian and Justin - You love him, Don't you?

Brian and Justin/QUEER AS FOLK The best love story ever. MUSIC: U2; With or without.

queer as folk [gale randy] RPS AU - without you ...(без тебя...)

Click on subtitles button for English This is AU RPS fanvideo and has no concern with neither real life nor real actors. Клип не имеет никакого отношения ни к...

Queer as folk ~ MEP two angles ~ Placebo ~ Without you I am nothing

This is my part of the 4-girls-MEP we did on music of Placebo about Brian throughout the 5 seasons of QAF. You can watch the whole project here ...

Brian/Justin || You're Dangerous

Homosexual warning! Lots of stuff! I realise I rendered it without a watermark since I didn't want to tag it and have it look any worse than I fear it will be sine I ...

Queer as Folk, Brian & Justin

Queer as Folk, Brian & Justin The complicated lives of Brian Kinney & Justin Taylor Madly in love Kelly Clarkson - My Life Would Suck Without You.

Without you.wmv

Just a short vid about Brian & Justin from Queer as folk. About their breaking ups... Music: Without you from Nilsson. Warnings: Man/Man - if you don't like it, don't ...

Brian & Justin: The Musical--#15: If My Heart Was a House

"If My Heart Was a House"--Owl City Brian and Justin's story, in musical form. Part 15 is the end of season 3.

Without You I'm Nothing - QAF [Brian & Justin]

WARNING READ BEFORE WATCHING: If you are homophobic or if you simply can't stand love, kiss or sex scene between guys DON'T WATCH ! WARNING ...

Kissing You (Brian/Justin♥)

This Is My First Brian/Justin Video :D It's About Their Relationship, And How Brian's Doing Without Justin. Kind Of Sad,, I Know That Most Of My Movies Have ...

Brian and Justin Loving you without you now

brian and justin forever more we love you.

Sunshine, how did I ever get along without you?

The very best of Queer as Folk by drots & tsikku.

Brian&Justin: Never again without you

First time Brian realised he was in love with Justin, the most romantic dance I have ever seen, two beautiful guys and suddenly the dark, the violence, the pain.

[brian kinney justin taylor] AU, post-canon - out of the darkness

Watch in 720p, pls.Queer as folk.Brian's POV, AU, OOC, post - canon, season 6. Pittsburgh - New York - Pittsburgh. You've been gone much longer Than you ...

Brian & Justin: The Musical--#18: Might Tell You Tonight

"Might Tell You Tonight"--The Scissor Sisters Brian and Justin's story, in musical form. Part 18 is the end of season 4 and the beginning of season 5, from Brian's ...

Queer As Folk: Patience - Brian/Justin

BRIAN & JUSTIN LOVE STORY: PART 7 WARNING: If you don't like male/male love/kissing/sex scenes, don't watch. I don't force you to watch and you click on ...

[brian justin] AU / constantine

Watch in 720p or 480p, pls.Queer as folk. Constantine. AU.

Queer as Folk: Brian & Justin - Home

Justin's POV. Justin is tired of New York and his artistic life without Brian, and wants to come home... AU vid. Post season 5. For all my vids: ...

Близкие друзья/Queer as Folk Justin and Brian /Джастин и Брайан 🌈🌃💍

Это мой самый любимый сериал о ЛГБТ. Давно уже хотела сделать по нему ролик. Ибо мир должен знать о такой...

Brian & Justin - He's All I Want

Edição: Danilo Costa Música: Angelmoon Feat. Moony - He's All I Want (Extended Mix) Brian and Justin (Queer as Folk) ❤ All I want, he's all i need ...

Brian and Justin "Over you"

Disclaimer: I don't own anything.

Queer as folk - Brian

part 1 of how Justin cheat on Brian.Brian and Justin. season 2.

[brian kinney] - i'm intoxicated by you

Watch in 720p or 480p, pls.Queer as folk. Brian's POV, 513 gapfiller Lara Fabian - Intoxicated I feel you all around me Though you're no more in this space ...