Juno 6

Funky Vintage: Roland Juno-6 Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

The Roland Juno-6, the first in the quintessential '80s Juno family, is many things, but it is not a one-trick pony. Despite its simple design and single oscillator, ...

Roland Juno 6 An Amazing Sounding Machine!

The Roland Juno 6 was produced during a time when I believe Roland was at it's best. The chorus effect is nothing short of brilliant. No effects were used until ...

Roland Juno 6 (1982) HQ sound demo by Digital Strings

I was so proud of my Juno 6 that i wanted to show its limited but amazing capability's off to to the world. No effects used (except on board chorus). Many people ...

ROLAND JUNO-6 Analog Synthesizer 1982 | HD DEMO

(c) 2012 by AnalogAudio1 This is the Roland Juno-6 (or: who stole the programmer on my Juno-60?). The sound and the sound architecture is identical to the ...

The Roland Juno-6: DCO

Here is a video concerning the sound and functionality of the Roland Juno-6 oscillator. This Juno-6 may still be for sale at http://sherwoodsmusic.com.

A Love Letter To The JUNO-6

A short love letter to the Roland Juno-6 describing my deep affection for the wonderful polysynth, tracing it's history, and taking a brief look at the modern ...

Roland Juno-6/60 vs JX-3P

The is a attempt of comparison between. Both have there advantages and there contras The Juno has a excellent filter resonance, it has real pulse width ...

Roland Juno 6 - my patches (audio only)

through Lexicon MPX 1 and Glensound vintage mixing console.

Roland Juno-6 | Get Your Love Through the Radio

Got a 1982 Roland Juno-6 Analogue Synthesizer. Made an 80s inspired track with it. Drums: Oberheim DMX Samples Synths: All from Roland Juno-6 Guitar: ...

Roland JUNO-6 /60 Meditation (25 min.)

Messing around with the Roland Juno 6 over 20 Minutes. Think it is a bit boring so I named it Meditation ;-) Close you eyes and just relax :-))

Roland Juno 6 Problem

So, here it goes. Synth doesn't sound right - looks like something is wrong with ADSR envelope, but I can't figure out what. When all of the corresponding sliders ...

Roland Juno 6 (Juno 60)

Select 720p/1080p HD for best sound quality. The Juno 6/60 is a popular synth that is the subject of a lot of discussion. This demo showcases some of its raw ...


Visit and suscribe to my channel:htp://www.youtube.com/user/PianoVintage/ More infos on : http://www.pianovintage.fr/ Quick test and demo of my Roland ...

Roland Juno 6 Repair and Midi Installation

Juno 6 CHD MIDI kit installation and troubleshooting guide. For more synth video's visit goltsynth.com.

Roland Juno-60 - the 56 classic factory patches

Roland Juno-60 - the 56 classic factory patches.

Synthesiser Dave - Episode 16- Roland Juno 6

A Juno 6 enters Dave's workshop. Questions for Dave? He's here: http://www.facebook.com/synthesiserdave.

Tubbutec Juno-66 demo & introduction - mod,upgrade,midi for Roland Juno-6, Juno-60

The Juno-66 is an upgrade for Roland Juno-6 and Juno-60 synthesizers. It turns your Juno into a powerful Juno-66 synthesizer with midi and a lot of additional ...

Memorecks - Roland Juno-6

Trying out the 1982 Roland Juno-6. Using Ableton Live for drums and recording.

Roland Juno- 6/60 vs TAL U-NO-LX v2.27

A comparison between the Juno-6 and the plugin from TAL http://kunz.corrupt.ch/products/tal-u-no-lx.

Roland Juno 6 Pad/String Sound Test

Testing a Pad Sound . Juno6 Line out recorded, no EQs, no extern effects, just Juno 6 Specs: Polyphony - 6 voices Oscillators - DCO: pulse, saw, and square ...

My 1982 Roland Juno 6: Another One-take Loop

More "looping" to demonstrate my Juno 6. I bought this in early 1983 with some birthday money and a loan from my grandfather. It still works well, but has a few ...

Juno 6 Playtest

Just got 'er back from the shop. She had her shots and a bath. Looking for a new home. Not a direct recording, there's an amp off to the side. Lo-fi.

nerding out with Roland Juno-6 and Strymon TimeLine [demo]

Working on some song ideas with my Roland Juno-6 and Strymon TimeLine. Here's a quick demo of the two together. :) http://stateshirt.com ...

Alpha Juno 1 vs. Juno 6

whoops, the front page says 60, but this was my 6, not my 60...whoops I'm comparing these two synths, and also illustrating using the VCF (filter frequency) ...

Roland Juno-60 vs. Korg Polysix Analog Synthesizer (1982) battle

(c) 2016 vintage synthesizer demo by RetroSound supported by UVI: http://bit.ly/retrosound-uvi Roland Juno-60 vs. Korg Polysix analog synthesizer battle Both ...

SynthSecrets - Roland Juno 6

todays introducing: the Roland Juno6 as a Chordmemorizer. A not well known feature.

The Roland Juno-6: Arpeggio

Here is a brief demonstration of the sound and functionality of the "Arpeggio" section of the Roland Juno-6. Special massively exciting bonus: TRANSPOSE!