Inspector Gadget German Intro

Inspector Gadget - Intro Theme (Deutsch/German) Best Quality

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Inspector Gadget German intro (East Germany/DDR version)

This intro was broadcasted in East Germany (DDR). Circa 1989. EDIT: I decided to change the title since this is not the "2nd" intro.

Inspector Gadget German Intro

German opening of Inspector Gadget in video from French TV channel Gulli.

Inspector Gadget Rare German intro (High Quality - Inspektor Gadget)

East Germany version: Rare Inspector Gadget intro in German, lyrics are slightly different. Copyright Dic ...

Inspector Gadget New CGI Series - Opening HD (2012/2014/2015) German Television

Inspector Gadget New CGI Series - Opening HD (2012/2014/2015) German Television Produced by DHX Media (YT Channel: ...

Inspector Gadget 2015 Intro In 10 Different Languages!!!

Inspector Gadget 2015 Intro In 10 Different Languages!!! It took me a day and a half doing this. The languages in order: English ...

Inspector Gadget - Intro [HQ]

1983 (86 Episoden in 2 Staffeln)

Inspector Gadget-German Intro

Inspector Gadget-German Intro.

Inspector Gadget 1st Italian intro (High Quality - L'ispettore Gadget)

1st (RAI version) Inspector Gadget intro in Italiano, which is based on the French version. Re-mastered by me. Some of them already uploaded this version but ...

Inspector Gadget Intro (HD Full Screen)

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Інспектор Ґаджет - вступ українською / Inspector Gadget - Ukrainian intro

Digging through my old PC, I've stumbled upon a bunch of things I've recorded ages ago (literally), mainly intro sequences for some cartoons and TV series.

Αστυνόμος Σαΐνης - Inspector Gadget Greek Intro

Inspector Gadget (1983) (Deutsch) | Retro Themes

Hier findet ihr sehr viele Retro Themes von älteren und klassischen TV Fernsehserien hauptsächlich in deutscher Sprache.

Inspector Gadget French Instrumental (Custom Bootleg Version)

Since the official French Voiceover of the Theme's instrumental has never been released (and most likely never will), i decided to put one together. Really just ...

Inspector Gadget French OP Subtitled

Note this is NOT a translation, this is MADE UP! enjoy, rate & comment.

Inspector Gadget | Neue Technologie | Boomerang

Die neue Sicherheitstechnologie ist ausgefallen, und Penny steckt in ernsten Schwierigkeiten!Abonniere den YouTube-Kanal von Boomerang Deutschland: ...

Inspector Gadget Opening (With Movie Theme)

Cartoon intro of the ultimate crime fighting detective mixed together with the movie theme song.

Inspector Gadget Soundtrack - Theme Song (with French vocals)

ENGLISH=== Music track is from DIC Entertainment cartoon Inspector Gadget. Music has been taken from soundtrack, which was released in France with title ...

Inspecteur Gadget intro

French version of the TV series.