Torchwood - CoE - Ianto confesses his relationship with Jack to his sister

Title says it all.

Ianto's best moments.

Some Ianto's from Torchwood best moments xD [No copyright infringement is intended. All rights belong to the BBC]

Torchwood Jack/Ianto Kisses (HD)

I know similar videos have already existed, but I think they deserve a better quality video, which fits the player perfectly! =) Note: The kiss from 3x04 isn't included ...

Ten ways to know Jack has fallen for Ianto

Well, since Ten ways to know you work at torchwood was so popular i decided to do another one. Hope you enjoy it.

Ianto And Jack Die | Torchwood: Children of Earth | BBC

The 456 lockdown Thames House trapping everyone inside before releasing a lethal gas, including Ianto and Jack. Subscribe: http://bit.ly/BBCStudios WATCH ...

Torchwood - Jack asks Ianto out on a date

Scene from episode 2x01 "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang". Jack asks Ianto out on a date.

Torchwood - Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy Ianto

Music: Tata Young - Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy Me Fandom: Torchwood Pairings: Some Jack/Ianto Warnings: None Twitter: http://twitter.com/koloSigma LJ: ...

Jack & Ianto | Like I'm Gonna Lose You

'Cause no, we're not promised tomorrow. Watch in HD :) Guess who's back! Sort of. It's been so long since my last vid. There was no time for editting.

Jack/Ianto kiss from ep 2x3 To the Last Man

Janto kiss from ep 2x3 To the Last Man.

Jack and Ianto - This Kiss!

Lots of kissing ... Captain Jack Harkness and his gorgeous Welshman, Ianto Jones! Bit of fluff for fun! Enjoy! Well ... as has rightly been pointed out ... this is NOT ...

Torchwood - Gwen walks in on Jack and Ianto having sex

Scene from episode 2x11 "Adrift". Gwen walks in on Jack and Ianto having sex.

Jack/Ianto: Children of Earth

This is a short video I have done for college, it's not brilliant but I'm in the middle of improving it :) Scenes are from Torchwood: Children of Earth - Days 1 and 4.

Torchwood • Ianto • The Story of Ianto Jones

The Story of Ianto Jones, from Lisa to Jack, to Day Four. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ **Spoilers for EVERYTHING!** I know it came across as a Janto video at ...

Best of Ianto Jones - Torchwood S02

My favourite scenes with or about Ianto in the 2nd season of Torchwood. Spoilers through the whole season. Disclaimer: Torchwood belongs to BBC! Nothing of ...

I Need A Hero | Jack & Ianto

Теперь это один из моих любимых пейрингов, самый настоящий ОТП :) Клип под весьма удачный кавер хита Бонни...

John Barrowman talking about Ianto's death scene

John Barrowman answering a question about how difficult it was to film the death scene for Ianto during the SDCC Torchwood panel.

Jack and Ianto story season 2 episode 11

Jack and Ianto story (Torchwood season 2 episode 11)

Torchwood: Nobody messes with Ianto's man

Ianto gets ...

Torchwood - Ianto - Best Moments - Series Two

Torchwood - Ianto - Best Moments - Series Two no copyright infringement intended. rights to BBC, torchwood, doctor who.

Jack & Ianto - Everything (Torchwood)

"How can I stand here with you and not be moved by you? You're everything." Everything... but the end. Recently I totally fell in love with Torchwood and with ...

Ianto Jones clips from Torchwood, eppisode 2

All Ianto scenes from eppisode two: Day one. 1.The man with the clipboard 2.Doing things the old-fashioned way 3.Lnchtime! 4.Any attacking?

Ianto Jones!

My favourite Ianto moments! Clip 01: Season 1, Episode 13; End of Days. Clip 02: Season 1, Episode 08; They Keep Killing Suzie Clip 03: Season 1, Episode 10 ...

Torchwood - Cyberwoman - Jack threatens to shoot Ianto

This is for entertainment purposes only. All rights go to the BBC.

Ianto and Martha on Jack

when ianto talks to martha about how innovative jack is .

[Torchwood: Broken] The start of Jack's and Ianto's affair

I literally screamed and cried at this part while listening to the Audio Drama. It's so damn beautiful and I love it and would have loved to see this in the TV series.

Ianto, Owen and a coffee machine

From "A Day in the Death."