Baji Quan post training massage ASMR (HD, eng subs)

There were many request about re-posting this video with better resolution, so here it is, in original quality (720*576), with basic subtitles indicating the names of ...


KUNG FU QUEST 2 - THE AWE-INSPIRING BA JI QUAN Literally speaking, Tai Chi boosted tranquility whereas Baji Quan determined the universe.

Bajiquan Fight Scene (Movie: The Grandmaster)

"The Razor" Bajiquan fight scene from the movie "The Grandmaster"

An Wushu - Baji Quan

Learn more about An Wushu - or come train full time in China with us! - at We offer full-time training in Bajiquan, Sanda, Baguazhang, ...

Kungfu Fighting ~ Baji Quan Application

Baji quan is famous kungfu in China. This some kungfu better in the world, soft but sharp. This video show us some kungfu fighting technic in Bajiquan share if ...

Gong Fu journey : Baji Quan fight (Ma Kai vs Zhang Tao)

Full fight from the "GongFu journey" online TV serie, featuring Ma Kai (马凯) vs Zhang Tao (张涛) from the Beijing Baji Quan club.

Fate Lore - Kirei's Bajiquan Explained

Bajiquan is a Chinese martial art that features explosive, short-range power and is famous for its elbow and shoulder strikes. Here, I explain Kirei's use of the ...

Full Contact Bajiquan Fight 八极拳

The ground looks cold and hard for this fight!

Chinese Kung Fu Master - Bajiquan Kung Fu

Bajiquan Kung Ku, is one kind of old and aggressive Chinese Kungfu and culture. It is very powerful and useful in practice. Watch the video and learn more.

八極拳 六大開 猛虎硬爬山 BajiQuan


Bajiquan Applications - Wu LianZhi

Wu LianZhi discussing baji fundamentals at European BaJi Gathering 2012 in Pertuis, France.

Baji Quan - The Art of The Eight Extremities

An introduction to Baji Quan, showcasing the style's main features. ○ Additional skills and suggestions available online: ...

八极拳一路 1st road of bajiquan - good performance

Bajiquan Combat Application - Shien Zhou 八極拳「獻肘」實戰應用

A series of weekly applications which we apply traditional power transfer, structure , and techniques to modern combat scenarios.

Stomping in Bajiquan

Tang Qiang Laoshi teaches you the dos and don'ts of stomping in Bajiquan. Wrong stomping can lead to serious injuries of your knees, so it's not advised to do it ...

The Stick fighting style of Bajiquan

As we had mentioned before, stick fighting isn't just a Filipino style of fighting. In this episode Mark breaks down the Chinese style of Bajiquan If you haven't ...

An Wushu - Some Baji Basics and Fight Applications

Shifu An Jian Qiu demonstrates some Bajiquan basics & applications. Learn more about An Wushu - or come train full time in China with us! - at www.

Shifu Heng Wei Tutorials - BaJiQuan Part One

Complete demonstration and step-by-step tutorial. BaJiQuan by Shifu Heng Wei, Tang Long Shaolin Kung Fu & Chen Style Tai Chi School.

ASMR outside - post training dynamic massage class - Hampstead Heath - Tao Chi Kai

Tiger Balm that I use is here: (UK) (USA) Facebook: Instagram: ...

Beijing Baji Quan : new trailer

A new promotion video by our friends from the Beijing Baji Quan club. Music is "In a heart beat" & "Unwritten return" by Kevin McLeod (licenced under Creative ...

Baji Quan post training massage (part 1)

The first part of the famous post training massage demonstrated by Wu LianZhi on an anonymous victim. Shot at the Wu family baji quan seminar, march 2010, ...

通备武艺 Tongbei Martial Arts - Baji Quan Applications by Master Li Tianhua

Baji Quan fight Application : KuaDa (胯打)

Fight application for the Baji Quan Kuada (胯打) basic movement demonstrated by students of the Mengcun Wu family Baji Quan school.