Zjedi Zdn

SWGOH Arena Zaul vs zJedi+zDN

A few misplays but it's all good ;)


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SWGOH Arena : GK(L),Zarriss,zR2,Zolo,zDN vs Threxus ( full auto )

AAT 6* P4 7K / 10K Dano!!Pure Damage!

Squad: zVader, Palpatine, Sidious, Leia and Phasma. Make sure to have Vader Buffed with Leia's, Phasma's, Sidious and Palpa's buffing abillities before using ...

SWGOH - Arena - VladTheImpaler #4

Another attempt at beating Vlad's new team. - Rex : 256 speed - R2-D2 : 267 speed - Chirrut : 262 speed - GK: 227 speed - Baze : 175 speed.

Swgoh arena ReggaeDragon vs echocrest

zMaul, Nihilusz, Zavage, Death Trooper, Kenobi vs zQGJ lead, Yoda, Ezra, r2d2, Kenobi.

Swgoh arena ReggaeDragon vs Sia Granta

zMaul, Nihilusz, r2d2, Chaze vs Rex lead, zKylo, Boba, Nihilus, Kenobi.

Swgoh arena ReggaeDragon vs echocrest

It is time for the Jedi to end!!! zMaul, Nihilusz, Zavage, B2, Kenobi vs zQGJ, Yoda, Ezra, Kenobi, r2d2.

Swgoh arena ReggaeDragon vs emperor Skywalker

zMaul, Nihilusz, Zavage, Vader, Kenobi vs Wedge lead, r2d2, Kenobi, Chaze.

swgoh bounty hunters vs rex lead kylo DN Chaze


Swgoh Arena Action! With zQGJ, zR2D2 and pals vs Zaul, Zavage, B2

Swgoh arena ReggaeDragon vs Cord

Zader, Nihilusz, sith assassin, zKylo, Kenobi vs triple cleanse.

Swgoh arena ReggaeDragon vs echocrest

Zader, Nihilusz, Sith Assassin, Zavage, Kenobi vs Nihilus lead, dooku, Palp, r2d2, Kenobi.

Swgoh arena ReggaeDragon vs GodLike

Zader, Nihilusz, Sith Assassin, Palp, Kenobi vs zeta Nihilus lead, zDooku, SiTrooper, Palp, Kenobi.

SWGOH Arena Rivalry Series Rex vs First Order

SWGOH PVP VS. Arena Video with footage from both perspectives! Check out our guild, Dark Lords of Valor at SWGOH.gg ...

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes(SWGoH): Fleet Arena Rank #1 Match

First of what I hope to be a series of Top 5 Fleet Arena battles. I've held Rank#1 for the last 3 months, sometimes I forget to get my games in on time and I'll slip a ...

swgoh bounty hunter vs DN lead chaze r2 gk


SWGOH Arena Battle- Rex vs. Zaul

As this is my first video, I have the bar set very high for me. Background music, openings, and talk overs will be added in the future. For now, I'll upload SWGOH ...

Swgoh arena ReggaeDragon vs Grandepatron

zMaul, Nihilusz, Zavage, Death Trooper, Kenobi vs Rex lead, Nihilus, Chaze, Kenobi.

Swgoh - Poofersmew (Thrawn Lead Slow Mods) vs Velvetgold (Emperor Lead with Speed Mods)

GK(L), zzR2, Anakin, DN,B2 vs GK(L), DN, R2, Chaze

SWGOH: Rank #21 vs Rank #18

Got rid of Biggs and Wedge. Darkangel: Rex (lead), Darth Nihilus, Boba Fett, Chirrut Imwe and Baze Malbus vs. DaJudgernaut Zeta Maul (lead), Darth Vader, ...