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이야기 해설은 이 설명란 제일 밑에 있습니다. 나폴리탄 블로그 주인님이 멋지게 번역하신 세로드립 +_+ 출처 : https://redd.it/6g966d 번역 : 나폴리탄...

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WPLD Lamplighter Special Report

In this special report, Lamplighter Staff members tackle a growing problem in our school: the abuse of Xanax by students. We talk with a doctor who explains ...

XDIE vs WPLD Rng 2v2

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WPLD March 14 Broadcast

Today's episode will prepare you for tomorrow's Pep Rally! Check out what the basketball players and Coach Chalk have to say about their road to Rupp!

WPLD Feb. 29 Broadcast

This week's episode covers the Senior Dinner Dance, our swim and dive team, our new PBIS celebration, and a segment about a few Dunbar guys who try to put ...

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WPLD Nov. 9 Broadcast

In honor of Hispanic Heritage month, our broadcast this week is presented in both English and Spanish.

Royal - Lorde (Pedrada Reggae Remix)

Reggae version of this classic world pop music in the voice of this great artist!! Hope you enjoy!! Please, subscribe and share!!

WPLD Oct. 5 Broadcast

Paul Laurence Dunbar High School in Lexington, KY. A production of Lamplighter Media Productions, a student run organization.

*ASMR* Final Fantasy XIV Whispers w/Keyboard & Mouse Sounds: Tanking Satasha wPLD

This is a whisper video with mechanical keyboard clicking and mouse sounds. Paladin tanking through regular Satasha as leveling roulette =) Please let me ...

Test 10 Problem 2 Solution

These are the solutions for weekly online NUFYPET Tests from www.flazone.kz on telegram channel t.me/nu_test Main channel: t.me/nu_test Discussion ...

Romeo Santos - Eres Mia @Estadio De Beisbol Charros

Romeo Santos en guadalajara - Eres Mia en el estadio de beisbol charros de jalisco viernes 6 de febrero.

WPLD Broadcast Sept. 6, 2016

Welcome back to WPLD! In our first episode of the year, we're taking a look at some Dunbar students' inspiring summers, learning about the Dunbar Memorial ...