Water Spouts

waterspout up close and personal

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Waterspout Slalom Florida Keys Reel Adventures

While catching lobster, multiple waterspouts touched down a short distance away. With plenty of lobster in the box, a great opportunity presented itself to film a ...

Blythe, CA Fire and Water Spout 7-14-18

Fire at the Colorado River produces AMAZING water spout as it moves to shore... * Jukin Media Verified * Find this video and others like it by visiting ...

Water Spout Lifts Bounce House Castle in Florida

A water spout lifted a bouncy castle in the air in Florida yesterday. According to Fort Lauderdale Police, the castle flew across the street and landed in a parking ...

Waterspout Off Grand Cayman Island - 7 Mile Beach

This was a HUGE Waterspout that was about 2 miles off the coast of 7 Mile Beach in grand Cayman Island. The waterspout lasted about 15 minutes or so.

Ocean WHIRLPOOL aka the Sea Tornado

Some footage of a whirlpool shot using an underwater camera A maelstrom is a large whirlpool, yes. It usually spans large areas or has great intensity. No, they ...

EXTREME WEATHER - Waterspout in Tampa Bay

Authorities in Pinellas County say deputies watched as a waterspout came ashore in Oldsmar, causing some damage in the 400 block of Shore Drive East.

5 BIGGEST Waterspouts in the World! Caught on Video

5 BIGGEST Waterspouts in the World! Caught on Video Most insane Water Tornado on camera ▷ $100 Gift Card GIVEAWAY: ➔ http://bit.ly/100-GiftCard ...

Waterspout Hits Crowded Beach Brazil Mar 2015

AMAZING VIDEO Waterspout Hits Crowded Beach In Brazil Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Extreme-Weather/1522745821316938.

Do You Know How Waterspouts Form?

A waterspout can be as tall as One World Trade Center in New York City, but do you know how they form? Find out and join our new weather community for ...

Waterspouts Caught On Video -- Water Tornado

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Lobster-Diving Boaters Get Surrounded by Waterspouts

Crew and passengers got more than they bargained for on this Florida boating trip.

Water Spout Oldsmar Florida

Oldsmar Florida Water Spout July 8th 2013.

Rare Footage Of Waterspouts Stretching From Clouds To The Sea

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Destructive Waterspout Comes Ashore | Weather Gone Viral S1E3

Witness how a waterspout fuel by thunderstorm can cause serious damage when it moves ashore during the peak holiday season. Tsunamis, lightning storms ...

Hurricane Irma Creates Water-Spouts!!??????

This is nuts. This is reportedly Somewhere off the Cuban coast in the Gulf and is said to be ahead of Irma. These two tornadoes known as water-spouts are ...

Rare waterspout off Australia

A massive waterspout forming off the coast of Batemans Bay in New South Wales Australia is caught on camera. A water spout is like a tornado but less harmful.

The two types of waterspouts

Did you know there was more than one type of waterspout? Some are formed during fair weather, whilst others are formed in the same ways a tornado, as a ...

Dramatic video: Waterspouts rip through Florida beach

Check out this dramatic video as a waterspout roars ashore on Okaloosa Island and Fort Walton Beach, Florida, heavily damaging at least one home, downing ...

Multiple waterspouts near Genoa, Italy

Epic storm chase on the Ligurian coastline near Genoa, Italy, on August 23rd 2014. During the late morning caught a total of approximatively 15 waterspouts!

Live Video in the Philippines of Water spout

Too strong..

What are waterspouts and how do they form?

What are waterspouts and how do they form? This video from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration explains the eerie columns of rotating air ...

Summer Snow in Europe, Blue Cloud Tornadoes and Waterspouts (644)

As forecast with the unusual "Winter Storm in Summer" to dump floods on Greece and Italy, oh my, Athens is under six feet of water, other cities, nine feet.

Double waterspouts spotted over Lake Michigan

Two giant waterspouts that formed over Lake Michigan, near Kenosha, Wisc., were caught on video merging into one. Norah O'Donnell reports.

Waterspouts over Lake Michigan FULL VIDEO 9-12-13 near Kenosha, WI

A series of 4 waterspouts spun up off the coast of Kenosha, WI on September 12, 2013. In this video, #2 - #4 are seen from Pleasant Prairie looking east.