Walt Disney Pictures Logo Dpops Believes Variant Unbalanced

Walt Disney Pictures Logo: DPops Believes Variant Unbalanced

I decided to make an unbalanced version of the DPops Castle because why not. Also I would like to get my hands on some sheet music to this particular castle.

DPops Believes: Walt Disney Pictures Logo (Pixar Variant) REUPLOAD

The stupid copyright nonsense took down this video! So I cropped out the copyrighted castle (which was the current castle variant) and kept the pixar one.

Walt Disney Pictures Logo: Drepressed Castle Variant

This castle variant sounded more depressed than bombastic than the other fan made variants. Last edit...for now. I'll get back to editing more castles soon.

Walt Disney Pictures Logo: Acapella Variant

I didn't know what to with this variant visual wise, so I just changed the colours a bit) I just found this variant a couple days ago even though it has been around ...

Walt Disney Pictures Logo: All Variations Unbalanced (REVERSED)

Here, have a reversed version of the unbalanced Castle. Sorry this is in low quality, I was too lazy and too much in a hurry to do anything about it.

Walt Disney Pictures Logo: All Variations Unbalanced

Title says it all. All variations (Toy Story, Finding Nemo/A Bug's Life/Toy Story 2, and Cars) combined into one, musically unbalanced but bombastic castle fanfare ...

Walt Disney Pictures Logo: Retro Government Education Variant

Sorry about the 7 month hiatus, I've been doing a lot of travelling. But enjoy this castle I made about a week ago.

Walt Disney Pictures Logo: Deep Dream Castle Variant

Ever dreamt of the castle? No? Well I have and it was just like this...kinda. *UPDATE 2017*: 100k views? I didn't expect this video to hit 10k. But thank you guys ...

Walt Disney Pictures Logo: Olden Days Variant

Back in the good ol' 1920s!

Walt Disney Pictures (Lilo and Stitch Variant)

Walt Disney Pictures Gets Abducted By The UFO!

Walt Disney Pictures Logo: 3AM Variant

It's been what, almost about a year since I last made a castle variant. This one took a while to make, but I believe (in my opinion), it was worth it. This variant is ...

Walt Disney Pictures Logo: Major Birthday Variant

Today's my birthday so I made myself a castle variant. It's a bunch of castles combined into one.

Walt Disney Pictures [1995]

The taken in opening logo of Toy Story [1995]

Walt Disney Pictures Logo: Garageband Variant

The Castle instrumental from garageband was made by a user called Platypus-Man. I just put together the video. Original Video: https://youtu.be/8IN3XNhkrUs.

Walt Disney Pictures (1995-2008) Logo Remake (Pixar Closing Variant; 2017 August Update)

Same as before, except I extended the animation and have the sound effects.

Pixar in Concert: Pixar Opening Theme + Walt Disney Pictures Logo

A little something I made a little over a week ago. I have a lot more of these castle edits but I don't know if I want to share them on YouTube yet.

Walt Disney Pictures Logo Toy Story Version

Pixar Made His The First Movie!

True story logo disney

https://www.facebook.com/FChannelTV http://fchannel.tv https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3fvFscBlY3mIxLIy5F7WPw.

Walt Disney Pictures Logo (FanMade)

This is for MickeyFan1928.

Walt Disney Pictures logo

Walt Disney Pictures (2006)

Walt Disney Pictures Logo (No Music On)

Taken From The End Of Toy Story VHS And The End Of Toy Story 2 VHS.

Walt disney pictures pixar animation studios (THE FURBY MOVIE variant)

Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Logo from 2007

via YouTube Capture Taken from Ratatouille.

Walt Disney Pictures (1995)

From Disc 1 of the 2005 10th Anniversary DVD of Toy Story (1995). Debut of the 1995 Pixar-animated Disney logo. #SUSAblewIT Tier 1.