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Village boys take a summer swim in a village pond...

Village boys enjoy a summer swim in a village pond in India. The innocence of youth - who can't remember younger days spent in the rural simplicity of the Old ...

Boys Camp (1920-1929)

Boys' Camp - Cuckoo Weir, exact location of events unknown. Opens w/ morning ritual: camp leaders in pyjamas stride past row of wigwam tents; burst into the ...

Was soll bloss aus dir werden 1984 TV Movie

What Will Become Of You (1984) Что Будет С Вами (1984) In this 1984 West German film, a 12 year-old street kid in a slum of Berlin struggles to stay afloat ...

God's Little Angels ' Бог маленький ангел ' Baikal Azov Crimea

This is a very rare and heartwarming film that goes inside a privately financed Russian boys orphanage. It's one of the final works by the Baikal Azov Crimea film ...

(Slideshow) Boy gets pantsed by bullies under tree!

It is from Swedish mini series, Första Karläken (First Love) and made in 1992. Thank you Sweden.

Superman penis - wont get away with this today!

Superman falls to earth, crawls out of the ship and what do we see. PENIS! This is from the original 1978 movie.

Filmstart: "Mankells Wallander - Dunkle Geheimnisse" (2007)

Der Mord an dem elfjährigen Johannes schockt Wallander und seine Kollegen. Seine Tochter Linda überprüft das Überwachungsvideo eines Supermarktes, wo ...

winnipeg-- 11 year old boy stripped naked by 2 girls in florida

this is terrible..but i had to post it.

baker boys jackass 2

same thing but with more stuff in it.

Boarding School

A brief discussion concerning the controversy surrounding Clint Adam's new book entitled BOARDING SCHOOL.

vladik shibanov

Remembering Valdik Shibanova song is by : Celine Dion - Fly.

Naked Childhood (1968) trailer with subtitles

French trailer for Maurice Pialat's L'enfance nue.

"The Big Road" - Asia's first movie to contain a male full-frontal nude scene

Full-frontal male nudity (in which genitals are fully revealed) has traditionally been taboo in cinema from East Asia (and for actors of East Asian origin living ...

Late Summer 1/2 Revered Cousin Nurtures & So Loves 15yo gay boy. Nuanced. Excellent.

Late Summer 1/2 Revered Cousin Nurtures & So Loves 15yo gay boy. Nuanced. Excellent.

pepy ensinando lucas a dançar

thanks to the original uploader.

Boys in action

jednou vecer v ziline u noveho jicina =)