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Veronica Merrell officially admits she likes Aaron // Ronron x Aaronica

The clips i used in the video are not mine. Original video: Live Q&A - Merrell Twins Live I ship #RonRon or #Aaronica so hard.

Holiday Makeup Look - Veronica Merrell - Merrell Twins

HEY THERE! I decided to improvise a Holiday makeup and hair look! Let me know what you think! I know I'm not a makeup professional and I do things way out of order and wrong but it's the end...

Veronica's Makeup Routine - Merrell Twins

Here is the highly requested Veronica Merrell's makeup routine haha *flips hair* lol just playing :) Hope you guys enjoy it! This is what I do errday when I have the energy to put makeup on....

She pulled it off.. (PAINFUL)

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I GOT A DATE!!! AND SHE'S A GIRL!!! But the only problem is that I can't tell you who she is... I's complicated. CHECK OUT YESTERDAYS VLOG!! CLICK TO...

IT's VERONICA - Movie Trailer - Merrell Twins

It's Veronica is an exaggerated story of Veronica Merrell's problem of everyone getting her name wrong! Hope you enjoy! :) We post NEW VIDEOS EVERY TUESDAY! :) Live YouNow Broadcasts Every...

Aaronica -RonRon- Aaron Burriss and Veronica Merrell

Follow Roni : Follow Aaron : Hi guys! This is my very first video on youtube so I hope you like it ! These...


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Cant Help Falling In Love (ukulele) - Veronica Merrell

From YouNow Broadcast October 25, 2016 Song: Cant Help Falling in Love - Elvis Presley.

50 Things To Say To Your Ex - Merrell Twins

Here are 50 things to say to your Ex! Subscribe to our channel: We post NEW VIDEOS EVERY TUESDAY! Check Out Our Other Videos: DAD MAKEOVER CHALLENGE

What's wrong with Veronica??? 😥

Merrelltwins, sad, veronica merrell crying,

Where is My Romeo? Episode 1 - Merrell Twins

This is the first episode of "Where is My Romeo?" Episode 2 will be out tomorrow!! Let us know what your favorite part is! NEW VIDEOS EVERY TUESDAY! Subscribe to our channel:

Perfect| RONRON Pt. 1

This is a video about the relationship between Veronica Merrell & Aaron Burriss. Even though they haven't confirmed anything yet i still think it is a possibility that they're dating and they...

Veronica Merrell vs. Vanessa Merrell vs. Nia Sioux | Tap That Awesome App

The Merrell Twins and Nia Sioux go head to head to head! Meredith Foster vs. Teala Dunn vs Rajiv Dhall | Tap That Awesome App - The Merrell Twins and Nia Sioux go head...

BEST OF VERONICA [Best of MerrellTwins]

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veronica merrell had enough of vanessa merrell

Instagram: @biissues *This a supposed to be a funny vid*

Veronica Merrell New boyfriend..♥️

I hope you guys love this video..♥ merrelltwins - YouTube Lazyron Studios - YouTube.

Kian Lawley and Veronica Merrell

Moments involving YouTubers Kian Lawley and Veronica Merrell.

Aaron Burriss - Veronica Merrell #RonRon #Aaronica Kiss !!

Veronica and Aaron kissed and I'm freaking out. They are literally cutest thing in the planet. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤️

Twin Challenge Epic Rap Battle MerrellTwins vs. NinaAndRanda at VidCon

MEGHAN RIENKS Q&A! - The Merrell Twins take on Nina and Randa in the Ultimate Twin Challenge at the ATV VidCon Stage. Who do you think won this Twin Off? Let us know in...

Where is My Romeo? Behind the Scenes - Merrell Twins

Behind the scenes of "Where is My Romeo?". NEW VIDEOS EVERY TUESDAY! Subscribe to our channel: CAST - Please Subscribe to Their Channels! Arianna Jonae (Parker) https://www....

Veronica Merrell - Closet Raid

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How Things Were Named - Merrell Twins

Have you ever wondered how things are named? We show you how these iconic names came to be! Subscribe to Our Channel: We post NEW VIDEOS EVERY TUESDAY! Subscribe to our...

If Veronica Merrell was a KPOP star

From YouNow Broadcast February 21, 2017.

Veronica Merrell's new boyfriend?!?

Veronica's new boyfriend using grow a boyfriend via snapchat. LOL Snapchat: merrelltwins

Where is My Romeo? Episode 2 - Merrell Twins

Here is Episode 2 of “Where is My Romeo?” It's getting very intense now.... watch Episode 3 Who do you think the phantom is? E NEW VIDEOS EVERY TUESDAY!...