Trans Oceanic

NAÏVE - Transoceanic - Official Video

Naïve - Transoceanic - Official video Taken from the album "ILLUMINATIS" available here : © 2012 Persistent Room / NAÏVE ...

Zenith Royal D7000Y Trans-Oceanic

Let's have a look at my new friend!

The Zenith H500 Super Trans-Oceanic Portable Radio

In this video we'll look at a classic radio, the Zenith H500 Super Trans-Oceanic Portable. I'll briefly cover the history of this radio and the Trans-Oceanic series.

Zenith Trans Oceanic portable radio repair # 1of 8

Preparing to repair a Zenith Trans Oceanic portable radio model "Royal 3000-1".

Zenith Trans-Oceanic D7000Y-2 and Sony CRF-320 Compared on 31 Meters

Related article on the SWLing Post blog: Thanks to the loan of a vintage Sony CRF-320, I was able to directly compare it to my Zenith ...

Zenith Trans-Oceanic 600 series (1954)

The Zenith Trans-Oceanic 600 series consisted of several models although all were similar. The 600 was the first to use a "slide rule" dial rather than a round ...

1951 Zenith Transoceanic H-500 Vintage Radio.

Created on November 1, 2009 using FlipShare. Just finished repairing the AM side of this thing. Still have to align the shortwave. These two URLs will take you ...

Vintage 1968 Zenith Royal D7000Y Trans-oceanic Radio

eBay Auction #7144.

Zenith Trans Oceanic Royal 3000 radio commercial

Early Zenith radio commercial.

Russian Germanium Transistors In Zenith Transoceanic Repair

Substitution replacement vintage radio transistors with USSR era new old stock.

Zenith Trans-Oceanic Royal 3000-1 Multi-Band Radio. Part - 1 Of 2.

This is my Zenith Royal 3000-1 Trans Oceanic Radio. It was given to me by the TV guy. It suddenly quit working all together, and he sat it aside then gave it to me ...

Zenith Trans Oceanic 600 Series Battery Mod

Making your dial light work easy and cheap!

1958 Zenith Royal 1000 Trans-Oceanic

Created on September 5, 2011 using FlipShare.

Zenith Trans-Oceanic H500 Restoration - Part 1 of 9

Ok, here is my second attempt to restore a ZTO. In this video, I unbox it and do a quick visual inspection. Kind of boring really. See my Google+ page here: ...



1942 Zenith Bomber Trans-Oceanic radio repairs

Here's my fully restored 1942 transoceanic clipper, model 7G605. It took many hours of careful work, but it was all worth it. This is a special radio, and was a high ...

Zenith Trans Oceanic Epic Fail!

Gotta find a better radio to fix! This is junk!

Zenith Trans Oceanic portable radio repair # 4 of 8

Trouble found. Zenith Trans Oceanic portable radio model "Royal 3000-1".

1959 Zenith Trans Oceanic Model B600 - Chassis 6A40

It Lives Again! This non-working Zenith B600 Trans-Oceanic was given to me by a family member a few years ago. The B600 was manufactured from 1959 ...

1979 Zenith Solid State Trans-Oceanic Radio model R7000

This radio will need a new tuning belt but otherwise works great.

Zenith Transoceanic Model A600 Restoration

I picked up this receiver at a hamfest for 3 dollars and figured I couldn't lose. Of course the first thing I did was to track down the service manual and then replace ...

Zenith Trans-Oceanic H500 Restoration - Part 3 of 9

See my Google+ page here: Really sorry about the quality of this one. I'll work on getting a better camera ...

Vintage Zenith Y600 Transoceanic SW Shortwave Tube Radio Cowhide

Vintage Zenith Y600 Transoceanic SW Shortwave Tube Radio Cowhide.

1947 Zenith Transoceanic 8G005YT

Restored Transoceanic. New Tolex covering, electrically restored. Created on January 31, 2012 using FlipShare.

Build a Working Battery for your Zenith Trans-Oceanic Part 1

This video shows how you can build a working A-B battery for your tube Zenith Trans-Oceanic radio. Part I shows how to make the male connector needed to ...

1979 Zenith Trans-oceanic R7000 tuning belt replacement

I got a new replacement tuning belt from Adams Mfg. and it works good.

Transoceanic sbl 1000 com 1 Valvula 4-400

1.2kw pep 900w avg 3,8kv retificado.