Ta04 Pro

Rc speed runs 6s testing tamiya TA04 pro edition

Straight uncut video having a lil fun testing and tuning.

TA04 SS Top Speed Run. 126km/h 78mph World's fastest Tamiya?

TA04 SS Top speed run. Stock Chassis... 5300KV Brushless 3s Lipo Big Gears...Big Balls! -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Exploding Fire Breathing V12, when Lego goes Bang!! Huge explosion...

Running my tamiya Ta04 pro edtion

Running my tamiya TA04 on stock tires I know they won't hold up but its just in fun.....I'd rather tear up these tires while I'm testing and tuning.

TA04 FMM 80% OD

this is my version of TA04 FMM, with 80% OD rate. the battery is located center, just like the DF03 for more balance the steering is modified for zero or less ackerman, original dogbones are...

Completion if the tamiya TA04 pro

Finished the upgrade to the tamiya shes a 4s beast.

Tamiya TA04 (TA04S) Corvette C5-R (HD)

Tamiya TA-04 (TA-04S) with Corvette C5-R body (24h Daytona 2001) = ...

Tamiya TA04-R

Tamiya TA04-R voorzien van Novak GTX en 8T handwound corally motor.


頭單+中單 2cells HW35a 2548KV gear-ratios5.45(spur120/pinion47)

RC Supra (Tamiya TA04-Pro)

Test of the new Team Orion Neon Flux vario-motor.

Tamiya TA04 Chassis (TA-04S)

Refurbishment of my Tamiya TA-04S Chassis Corvette CR-5 Body.

Tamiya TA04 SS Stock Silver Can Run... 3s with a Smokey Ending!!!

Top Speed run of the TA04SS with a Stock 27t Silver Can. 3s Lipo... 40t Pinion...Smoke :) -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Exploding Fire Breathing V12, when Lego goes Bang!! Huge explosion...

Drive it like you stole it... 70mph+ Tamiya TA04 SS Belt Fail

Last run before a complete rebuild...whats better than going 'Balls Out" until it won't go anymore :) Foam tyres held up well...the rear belt...not so much! Please remember to Subscribe...

RC Supra (TA04-Pro)

Test of New combi Team Orion Brushless Vario-Motor Neon Flux.