Ta04 Pro

Rc speed runs 6s testing tamiya TA04 pro edition

Straight uncut video having a lil fun testing and tuning.

Running my tamiya Ta04 pro edtion

Running my tamiya TA04 on stock tires I know they won't hold up but its just in fun.....I'd rather tear up these tires while I'm testing and tuning.

TAMIYA 1/10 TA06 PRO CHASSIS KIT PV English version

The 4WD TA06 PRO chassis was created with input from the world championship-winning TRF team. Its layout positions the motor and battery along the centerline of the chassis and a distinctive...

Speedtest Tamiya TA04-S Lrp 3.5t 9800kv brushless over 100km/h 60mp/h (HD)

Testing the speed of a Tamiya TA04-S with a Lrp 3.5t vector x11 Motor. In this video you can see the difference between the theoretical speed and the practical speed. Also a sketch about the...

Completion if the tamiya TA04 pro

Finished the upgrade to the tamiya shes a 4s beast.

Tamiya TA04 Chassis (TA-04S)

Refurbishment of my Tamiya TA-04S Chassis Corvette CR-5 Body.

TA04 SS Top Speed Run. 126km/h 78mph World's fastest Tamiya?

TA04 SS Top speed run. Stock Chassis... 5300KV Brushless 3s Lipo Big Gears...Big Balls! -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Exploding Fire Breathing V12, when Lego goes Bang!! Huge explosion...

Tamiya TA04 (TA04S) Corvette C5-R (HD)

Tamiya TA-04 (TA-04S) with Corvette C5-R body (24h Daytona 2001) = ...

RC Supra (Tamiya TA04-Pro)

Test of the new Team Orion Neon Flux vario-motor.

Torture test. Drive it like you stole it... 70mph+ Tamiya TA04 SS Belt Fail

Last run before a complete rebuild...whats better than going 'Balls Out" until it won't go anymore :) Foam tyres held up well...the rear belt...not so much! Please remember to Subscribe...

Er Bestia Countersteering 225% [ta04 front battery conversion]

Tamiya TA04 Corvette C5-R donuts, drifting, sliding and climbing (HD)

Some indoor fun with my Corvette.

RC Supra (TA04-Pro)

Test of New combi Team Orion Brushless Vario-Motor Neon Flux.