Ta04 Pro

Running my tamiya Ta04 pro edtion

Running my tamiya TA04 on stock tires I know they won't hold up but its just in fun.....I'd rather tear up these tires while I'm testing and tuning.

Rc speed runs 6s testing tamiya TA04 pro edition

Straight uncut video having a lil fun testing and tuning.

Completion if the tamiya TA04 pro

Finished the upgrade to the tamiya shes a 4s beast.

プリウス3台(TRF419X & TA07 & TT-01) & TA04 バトル/LAPSNAPPERでタイム計測

プリウス3台(TRF419X、TA07、TT-01)と TA04のラジコンバトルです。 LAPSNAPPERでタイム計測しつつ、バトルを楽しみました。 Go pro Hero4 Silverでミッキーロ...

TA04 SS Top Speed Run. 126km/h 78mph World's fastest Tamiya?

TA04 SS Top speed run. Stock Chassis... 5300KV Brushless 3s Lipo Big Gears...Big Balls!

Tamiya TA07 PRO (58636) Unboxing

A very amateurish perspective unboxing video of a Tamiya TA07 PRO on-road R/C car.

Speedtest Tamiya TA04-S Lrp 3.5t 9800kv brushless over 100km/h 60mp/h (HD)

Testing the speed of a Tamiya TA04-S with a Lrp 3.5t vector x11 Motor. In this video you can see the difference between the theoretical speed and the practical ...

RC Supra (Tamiya TA04-Pro)

Test of the new Team Orion Neon Flux vario-motor.

TAMIYA TRF419X vs TA04 in Mickey Rock TypeB

TRF419X(SUBARU BRZ R&D Sports /13.5T Brushless Motor) vs TA04 (White body/ 21T Brushed Motor) / Go pro Hero 4 silver/ Mickey Rock Type B on-road ...

Tamiya TA04 Chassis (TA-04S)

Refurbishment of my Tamiya TA-04S Chassis Corvette CR-5 Body.

RC Supra (TA04-Pro)

Test of New combi Team Orion Brushless Vario-Motor Neon Flux.