TRRS #0291 - Review of Sony ICF-SW7600GR Shortwave Radio

Part 1 of 2 review of the Sony ICF-SW7600GR LW/MW/FM shortwave radio. This radio will be an upcoming "shootout" show comparing 4 radios you should ...

Shortwave Radio Comparison: Tecsun PL-880 vs. Sony ICF-SW7600GR

Comparison of a couple of notable portable shortwave radio receivers, the recent Tecsun PL-880 and the venerable Sony ICF SW7600GR. Both radios sharing ...

SONY ICF SW7600GR Обзор радиоприемника

Спасибо Эдуарду RV6BEE за предоставленную возможность сделать обзор.

Tecsun PL-660 vs Sony ICF-SW7600GR

Testing and comparing the two radios on SW, SW-SSB, LW and MW. Antennas: 5m wire for SW, internal for LW/MW. The Tecsun is like an imaginary updated ...

TRRS #0410 - Sangean ATX-909a versus Sony ICF-SW7600GR

A viewer had asked which shortwave radio he should get, the Sangean ATX-909a or the Sony ICF-SW7600GR. In this show I attempt a head-to head ...

Par EF-SWL Antenna: A Quick Overview on the Sony ICF-SW7600GR

NOTE - my comments at 2:25 are incorrect about impedance matching - read this description and comments below for more info). Ok, I thought I'd shoot a quick ...

DEMO Modified SONY ICF-SW7600GR Shortwave/AM/FM Radio

Demo of my modified Sony 7600GR for sale on ebay ( Item# 171257390661 ). Has six modifications: Muting disabled; Bright White LEDs installed; FM filters ...

Sony icf-sw7600gr with sony an-lp1

Совместное использование приемника Sony icf-sw7600gr с активной антенной sony an-lp1 в городских условиях.

My new Sony ICF-SW7600GR

The end of a great Era of venerable Shortwave receivers.

Sony ICF-SW7600GR: Simple Antenna Comparison

Just wanted to create a quick antenna comparison between the Sony ICF-SW7600GR's telescopic antenna, a home internal random wire (yes, in the video I say ...

Tuning dial for ICF-SW7600GR shortwave radio

Recently I bought shortwave radio (SONY ICF-SW7600GR) which is capable of SSB reception in addition to general AM (shortwave) broadcast. Its sensitivity is ...

Comparison of Sangean ATS-909X and Sony SW7600GR

Comparison of Sangean ATS-909X and Sony SW7600GR.

Sony ICF-SW7600GR with RDS Spy

The Sony ICF-SW7600GR has a line out socket (fixed level). I fed the audio to my netbook's sound card which is capable of 192kHz sampling. PI code only, but ...

Opening, cleaning up dust inside and closing ICF-SW7600GR Sony ShortWave Radio

Removing dust from internal radio ICF SW 7600 GR Sony ShortWave Radio.

TRRS #0305 - Sony ICF-SW7600GR Reception Testing

Part 2 of 2 review of the Sony ICF-SW7600GR LW/MW/FM shortwave radio. Part 1 was show #0291 which introduced the radio and its features. This show is an ...

Grundig G3 vs Sony ICF-SW7600gr Shortwave performance comparison Test #3

Hello YouTube! This is a quick and informal test of G3 and 7600GR performance on shortwave. Hope you will find it useful :)

Sony ICF-SW7600GR Test Low Signal Sync and SSB 5m Wire

Sony ICF-SW7600GR Low Signal Sync and SSB Tuning 5m Wire outside Fading stations trying to hold with sync detector or SSB zerobeat tuning and attenuator ...

Test Sony ICF-SW-7600 vs ICF-SW7600G vs ICF-SW7600GR

Breve comparativa de los receptores de Sony gama ICF-SW7600X. Realizada por EA1HFI, EA1HET y EB1TR en la ciudad de Gijón, Asturias el 9 de Abril de ...

comparison of Roberts R9914 with Sony ICF SW7600GR

Roberts R9914=Sangean ATS-505.

Shortwave Radio Comparison: Kaito (aka Degen) 1103 vs Sony SW7600GR

Thanks for tuning in to another shortwave radio comparison, the newer Kaito KA1103 (identical to the Degen DE1103 vs the Sony ICF-SW7600GR. Daytime ...

【SONY ICF-SW7600GR】室内でもアマチュア無線7MHz入感

受信場所: 東京都世田谷区 受信場環境:鉄筋コンクリート一軒家1F.


Radio amador sintonizado as 19:00 hrs em São Paulo-Brasil no dia 29-09-2012 em 41 metros 7083 khz.

Tecsun PL-660 vs Sony ICF-SW7600GR

Tecsun PL-660 vs Sony ICF-SW7600GR on 41m, SSB, 40km from Vilnius.

Comparison of SONY ICF-SW7600GR & TECSUN PL-880

With TWR Africa of 9940kHz received in Yokohama, Japan at 19:24 UTC on December 20, 2013.