Gaining Tips from 600 going on 700

600 going on 700 had one of the most incredible bellies. Here he provides tips for those looking to gain to his size. MUSIC: Frozen Star Kevin MacLeod ...

Superchub Gainer Body Update (January 2012)

Filmed in January 29, 2012. The Lord of Lard gives us another beautiful body update, showing off that incredible sexy fat body. Probably at least over 750lbs.

Handsome Superchub Body Update (2011)

Superchub from Waterville, Maine doing a body update. Weighed over 700lbs on March 10, 2011.

Handsome Superchub Gainer Body Update (September 2011)

Filmed in September 14, 2011. this sexy gainer gives us another body update. Weighing at 700lbs. Want to be friends with him? If you have a Facebook account, ...

BigFattyBC Valentines strip~!

Hey all here i am heavier then ever and stripping down and showing everyone my new fatter and flabbier belly. i love gaining and i cant wait to grow even fatter.

Sexy Gainer Dancing

Filmed in October 28, 2011. Sexy superchub enjoys himself by dancing, moving and jiggling his 700lb body.

5000 calories of gainer shake

Watch my boyfriend and I feed each other an obscene amount of calories.

Nick AKA King Gluttony Update Back On Youtube

9/29/2018 Update.

Gainer Attempts (and fails) to Lose over 500lbs

Filmed in July 2017. The Lord of Lard once again attempts to go on a very strict diet to lose weight. More than 500lbs is his weight loss goal. But knowing that he ...

Gainer Attempts to Diet

This video was filmed around November 2013. In this video, a 700+lb morbidly obese man decides to try the Body by Vi challenge. Unfortunately, since then, he ...

Patreon Interview Snippet: "RACK and Feedism" with SSBHM Leviathan

This is a preview snippet of a much longer (20 minutes!!) interview with God of Gluttony SSBHM Leviathan available on my patreon!

It's been a while isn't it

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Fatty sav so big ☺

Fatty sav.. bigger is really better #superchubby #chubby #chubs #chubbies.

Gainer Body Update (2012)

An old video of a gaining superchub doing a body image update (29 May 2012), weighing between 800-900 pounds.

Superchub Body Update (April 2011)

Handsome superchub doing a quick body update. Likely to be over 700lbs in this video.

Superchub burps and jiggles

Hey guys Im back sorry I had to take my vids down for a bit.

Urrrp...So Stuffed...

Originally filmed this to post on my twitter but I liked it enough to upload here too. Feed me more?