Stbc Skirmish

STBC-Skirmish Excelsior vs. Constitution

A star trek: bridge commander skirmish battle between an Excelsior class (me) and a Constitution class.

STBC-Skirmish Intrepid vs. Galaxy

A star trek: bridge commander skirmish battle between an Intrepic class (me) and a Galaxy class. Link to download: ...

STBC-Skirmish Gorn vs. Dominion Battleship

Another skirmish battle between a gorn battleship (me) and a Dominion battleship.

STBC-Skirmish Shuttle Fun Fun

Me just having fun in small shuttles vs large warships :)

Star Trek Bridge Commander JJPrise Vs NX-01 and NX-05

hope you enjoy.

federation civil war skirmish

decided to take the Century class out for a spin.

Star trek Bridge commander skirmish battle

this is a skirmish battle using the Uss Enterprise Model from Baz1701 JJprise fleet pack the credit goes to Baz1701 for the JJprise fleet pack which was great.

Bridge Commander Part 1: Sovereign Vs Romulans and the Goa'uld

This was initially a skirmish between the Sovereign and 3 Romulan Warbirds... as the battle ensued 2 warbirds cloaked, and the one that did not cloak and was ...

stbc- god Soveriegn vs super galaxy

i thort i would test 2 see if the god Soveriegn would beat the super galaxy class thinking that i would win :P . I would not use that galaxy agent 10 other ships or ...

A Skirmish Battle. Kelvin vs Constitution TOS

This is just a simple little combat video I made with Bridge Commander. After months of dealing with a storyline and an The Venture upcoming this June, I am in ...

STBC 2017 01 15 08 16 53 25 Galaxy class vs Romulan Warbird

Star Trek: Bridge Commander - Galaxy class vs Romulan Warbird.

Bridge Commander Ep I - Holy Skirmish

This is the very, very, very first attempt I ever made at making a show with BC. Its really crude, but its good to look back and see how far the show has come from ...


Demo movie about this new version oy kobashayi maru.

Epic Space Battle - Star Trek Bridge Commander

This is a space battle between a Klingon Fleet and a Borge Cube. Two of the Klingon ships are their most powerful, Deathwings... I am using one and one of the ...

stbc 2014 01 09 12 31 37 01

just screwing around testing something.

STBC: cz návod

To to je moje první komentované video :-)

STBC Prometheus

A battle of the super powers! The federation unleashes the new Prometheus against the Klingons. And just incase the Prometheus had "backup." Mods: ...

STBC Miranda Vs Constitution

A miranda class going against an outdated Constitution class. Pretty short fight in all. Mods: Kobayashi Maru 1.0 with patch The Aftermath(BC edition) TNG era ...

STBC Federation Onslaught

Another Bridge Commander video! This time using a Sov. Class and a fed fleet to fight some rommies. Music is from Half-Life 2. Mods:Kobayashi Maru 1.0 with ...

STBC: Andromeda ascendant vs Borg cube (sphere lunched after 5th min);49093 The Andromeda ascendant fights a borg cube its sensor arrey is easy but this cube gots ...