Stbc Skirmish

STBC-Skirmish Intrepid vs. Galaxy

A star trek: bridge commander skirmish battle between an Intrepic class (me) and a Galaxy class. Link to download: ...

STBC-Skirmish Shuttle Fun Fun

Me just having fun in small shuttles vs large warships :)

STBC-Skirmish Gorn vs. Dominion Battleship

Another skirmish battle between a gorn battleship (me) and a Dominion battleship.

STBC-Skirmish Excelsior vs. Constitution

A star trek: bridge commander skirmish battle between an Excelsior class (me) and a Constitution class.

Bridge Commander Ep I - Holy Skirmish

This is the very, very, very first attempt I ever made at making a show with BC. Its really crude, but its good to look back and see how far the show has come from ...

STBC: 2 NX vs 3 Romulan ships

Další video na hru Star Trek Bridge Commander :-)

STBC: cz návod

To to je moje první komentované video :-)

A Skirmish Battle. Kelvin vs Constitution TOS

This is just a simple little combat video I made with Bridge Commander. After months of dealing with a storyline and an The Venture upcoming this June, I am in ...

U.S.S. Enterprise vs. U.S.S. Reliant - Star Trek Bridge Commander Kobayashi Maru Mod Battles!

In this episode we will put the U.S.S. Enterprise vs. U.S.S. Reliant! An epic battle ensues! Don't forget to leave battle suggestions in the comments blow!

Star Trek Bridge Commander - Part 3 (Our First Interesting Skirmish)

Warp speed from the frying pan to the fire. Apparently rocks are easy targets... who knew? As we come up to our next system, we get our first glimpse of the ...

STBC: Andromeda ascendant vs Borg cube (sphere lunched after 5th min);49093 The Andromeda ascendant fights a borg cube its sensor arrey is easy but this cube gots ...

Bridge Commander Part 1: Sovereign Vs Romulans and the Goa'uld

This was initially a skirmish between the Sovereign and 3 Romulan Warbirds... as the battle ensued 2 warbirds cloaked, and the one that did not cloak and was ...

Star Trek Legacy Skirmish Pt 2. II

Part 2 of a part 2.

Star Trek Bridge Commander Demo

Just a skirmish using the Star Trek BC out.


Demo movie about this new version oy kobashayi maru.

stbc 2014 01 09 12 31 37 01

just screwing around testing something.

Bridge Commander Peragrine Fighter

STBC A peragrine fighter vessel.

stbc uss excelsior vs cardassian victory

This is the way to win against such devious adversaries. I know i may have cheated in some peoples' eyes, but this is why i love this game. The fact that you can ...