Brainstorming Techniques to Create New Innovative Ideas (includes challenge )

Brainstorming is a good way to come up a solution or two. As the name suggests, the idea is that you storm on the neural pathways through the brain to pick a lot ...

Starbursting Archery Sight Pins

Do your archery sight pins receive too much light and starburst on you? Watch my video on how to fix starbursting sight pins. Check out ...

Ancient Starbursting Galaxies Snapped By European Telescope

Light traveling for 10 billion years now gives astronomers a glimpse into the largest galaxies in the Universe. Found in the Fornax constellation, these galaxies ...

Six Creative Ways To Brainstorm Ideas

Original Post: Do you ever have an issue developing ideas? Here are six ...


Stephen Sharer sat down in the Share The Love studio and whipped out a bag of Starburst candy and decided to teach the Sharer Fam how to Learn to prank ...

'Halos' and 'Starbursts' when looking at lights at night through my eyes. Does anyone else get this?

Whenever I look at street lamps, head lights, etc at night time, I see these starburst and halo effects. Does anyone else get this? Share your experiences.

Super Giant Blue Star Supernova Explosion

GRB 101225A, aka the 'Christmas burst,' was an strangely long-lasting gamma-ray burst. The distance was not measured; astronomers originally had two ...

LASIK Starbursts - Warning! Starbursts after LASIK. Patients with large pupils may suffer severe visual disturbances at night after LASIK.

Night driving, night vision, starbursts after Lasik

Copyright Lasik may lead to severe visual distortions, such as starbursts, halos, and double vision, and night driving problems.

Fight on 6 20 13 Starbursting on a Kadeshi fleet, a juicy contradiction

So we were in arty nados, and we jumped into kadeshi 800mm nados and talos, did a starburst maneuver, and dunked everything practically. gf gf.

Phuryo - Starbursting

Phuryo (c) 2017 I don't own these recordings, have uploaded them on behalf of a friend from overseas.

Extreme Starbursting

This is what ROTC kids really do at drill meets! : Starbursting - Night Glare Following poor LASIK outcome or eye injury.

An example of the starbursting or night glare that could occur following bad LASIK, eye injury, or Traumatic Brain Injury. Many variations are possible.

Under The Sea Blue Starburst Swipe Acrylic Pour Painting

Did you see the original rainbow starburst swipe painting? It created quite a stir in the groups and I was so delighted to see so many people being inspired to ...

Starbursts ARE a Contradiction

A little video explaining and breaking down plenty of concerns i have with Starbursts and their sharing method.

LASIK Night vision - Driving after LASIK - Starbursts, reduced contrast sensitivity

Want to know what driving will be like after having LASIK eye surgery? Have a look at our video to get a real representation of what many LASIK victims go ...


Filmed about 1 hour ago with a star burst filter on my night vision scope. Looks so majestic. Melbourne Australia. Tracked with 'spaceweather'

Starbursting People's Bubbles

So, were bored in the Virginia Hotel, because there is an hour long moment of silence of Virginia Tech. (that's a long moment.) So we decide to chuck some ...

How to make A Star Burst Cake

Hi My name is Veena Azmanov and I am the face behind Veena's Art of Cakes and A Homemade Chef. I'd like to tell you to subscribe because I like creating ...

Starbursting Footsies

Provided to YouTube by TuneCore Starbursting Footsies · Kitt Chapman Lulla-Babies ℗ 2015 Kitt Chapman Released on: 2016-10-26 Auto-generated by ...

Starbursting Eruption

Demonstartion of the Starbursting / Motivation technique. Playing Van Halens Eruption I hadn't played Eruption in about 13 years so I was a little rusty. The right ...