Stab Belly Button

Stabbed in belly 1

A phantom killer stabs a Japanese mother who tried to protect her baby in her back. Also, a Japanese teenager girl who tried to protect the mother from the knife ...

Woman stabbing | Stab Cloud

A stab scene from the movie 'Gunde'

Paganini horror - Il killer si scatena

Il killer si scatena! Gli effetti speciali resteranno negli annali!

Stabbed in belly 4

Three Japanese girls get stabbed in their bellies.

Hangman - Horror Short Film

Written and Directed by Tyler Byron Copyright Erebus Films 2013 ***** Original Hangman film - - I am the guy on ...

The Birds & the Bees & the Belly Button

In 1986 a Latin father explains to his teenage son the "birds & the bees," but it comes at a heavier price neither one could've expected. CREDITS Gregorio- ...

Belly Button Removal (Nullification)

Belly Button nullification procedure performed by Bslice. This has been done purely for aesthetic reasons. Please feel free to ask questions Any offensive ...

Teen Girl stab in belly death scene

Murdered At 17.

Diagnostic laparoscopy for abdominal stab wound in the LLQ

After penetrating abdominal trauma from a stab wound in left lower quadrant, a young female patient was admitted to ER; she was hemodynamically stable and ...

Stab 7 - Pool Party - Rough Cut

You might notice a few things missing in this version of the scene... mainly a digital knife lol but enjoy! Make sure to follow us on all your favorite social networks ...

Fat Belly's Bar to Reopen After Weekend Stabbing

The Providence bar was fined $500 and closed for 2 days by the Board of Licenses.

STAB 7 - Scream 4

Here is every last bit of footage of "Stab 7" from Scream 4. It includes what we believe is the opening scene. I did not include the Stab 6 part of the opening as ...

Adri pays someone to stab her in the face

Adri gets her nose and belly button pierced at the Voodoo Tattoo Parlour in Lynnwood rd, Pretoria.

Stab 4-6 All Kills - Death Scene Compilation

You asked for it, you got it! This video contains all the death scenes from Stab 4, Stab 5 and Stab 6! Enjoy! You'll notice that not all of the attack scenes are ...

Belly stabbed | finally

After longtime escaping from the murderer the girl finally got stabbed in belly.