Private View of Petter Solberg's Car Collection Dec 2010

In a secret Swedish location, 2003 World Rally Champion Petter Solberg gives Neil Cole an exclusive tour of his some of his amazing cars, with history attached.

Petter Solberg Crash Compilation [2000-2012]

Petter Solberg (born 18 November 1974), from Spydeberg in Østfold, Norway, is a professional rally driver, currently driving for the Ford World Rally Team in the ...

Nightmare on a parking lot

Three times FIA World Champion Petter Solberg is dressed up like an old man and have some fun with a couple of Bertel O. Steen employees in a Mercedes ...

Solberg's Crash - 2012 WRC Rallye de France -

Watch the awesome crash of Petter Solberg on the SS9 of The Rallye de France on onboard camera.

Rally Germany 2004 Petter Solberg's Huge Hinkelsteine Crash

Insane crash when Solberg hits a Hinkelsteine - those were designed to stop tanks I believe...

Rally Liepāja 2017 - Oliver Solberg: Like Father, Like Son

Marita Solberg Solveig's song Edvard Grieg Peer Gynt

Marita Solberg - Norwegian soprano Beautiful voice, good technic, simple and charming. This is the best interpretation. Marita is the best in this song.

Holdt på å vrake Henning Solbergs nye verstingbil til 3,8 millioner

Video originally published on on 27.05.2012 IKKE FOR PYSER: Det holdt på å gå galt da kona til Henning Solberg skulle teste hans nye ...

Erna Solbergs EU-garanti

Denne videoen er tekstet for døve og tunghørte. Skru på Captions nederst til høyre i videovinduet.

(HD)Onboard Petter Solberg Subaru Impreza WRC Finland Rally 2004 - Ouninpohja p1

Legendary stage Ouninpohja record run.

Petter Solberg Tribute

Petter Solberg Best of Petter Solberg Rally Action Rallyefans03.

Rallykungen Solberg med sin son I Skavlan


Petter Solberg - Subaru Impreza - Rally Finland 2005

Solberg almost suffer an heavy accident after losing his rear wing.

Turkey 2008: Petter Solberg End of SS19 Interview

Petter Solberg tells us how how SS19 went for him in Turkey 2008.

Rally Ireland 2007 Petter Solbergs Subaru

petter solberg subaru rally ireland 2007.

Oliver Solberg in Supercar

My 15-year-old son Oliver is testing my 2 x WCH winning 600 bhp Supercar in Arvika, Sweden. In two weeks Oliver will become the youngest ever Supercar ...

Rally Finland 2004 SS Ouninpohja Stage Record Petter Solberg/Phil Mills Subaru Impreza WRC on-board

Petter Solberg sets the stage record on SS Ouninpohja at Rally Finland 2004.

Petter Solberg and his son Oliver Solberg in action with Ford Escort MKII

Petter Solberg and his Oliver Solberg in action with Viking Motorsport Ford Escort MK II.

Petter Solberg Amazing Q4 Performance | Estering RX

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Tobias Solbergs fantastiska mål mot Hammarby

Tobias Solberg med ett riktigt drömmål mot Hammarby 2010-06-10.

Petter Solberg | At Home with Norwegian Rally Star | Trans World Sport

Trans World Sport spent time at home in Norway with Motosport legend Petter Solberg. Subscribe to Trans World Sport: TWS features sports ...

Petter Solberg World Rally Champion 2003

The first few minutes of Petter Solberg as World Rally Champion 2003.

Pressekonferansen med Erna Solberg og Donald Trump

PÅ BESØK: Pressekonferanse med Erna Solberg og Donald Trump i Det hvite hus. Video: NTB/Scanpix.