Shohei Ohtani | 2018 "Rookie Of The Year" Highlights ᴴᴰ

2018 Stats AVG: 0.285 HR: 22 RBI: 61 H: 93 WAR: 2.7 W/L: 4-2 ERA: 3.31 IP: 51.2 K: 63 WAR: 1.2 WHIP: 1.161 ...

See all 22 of Shohei Ohtani's homers from 2018

Check out all 22 home runs from Shohei Ohtani's stellar rookie season with the Angels About Major League Baseball: Major League Baseball (MLB) is the most ...

⚾4/23 大谷翔平フリー打撃で超特大137M弾!ライト2階席超!(現地ファン映像まとめ)Shohei Ohtani ANGELS

チャンネル登録はこちらをクリック 【最新の関連動画】 【海外衝撃】大谷翔平、復 ...

いろいろな選手に話しかけられる【大谷翔平選手】Shohei Ohtani【At Bench】vs Yankees 2019/04/22

Shohei Ohtani is the most fascinating player I've ever laid eyes on | BIlly Eppler on Angels year

Los Angeles Angels general manager Billy Eppler sat down with Jose Mota and Tim Salmon to give an analysis on the state of the Angels franchise, taking a firm ...

Shohei Ohtani strikes out 11 over 6 1/3 innings vs. Twins

Shohei Ohtani's allows only one run on three hits and strikes out 11 batters in his no-decision against the Twins About Major League Baseball: Major League ...

Shohei Ohtani belts a three-run HR in his first AB in Anaheim

4/3/18: In his first at-bat in Anaheim, Shohei Ohtani crushes a three-run homer to right-center field and gets the silent treatment as he heads back to the dugout ...

Reacting To Shohei Otani Highlights | He Hit It Through The Roof !

Shohei Otani is the most hyped up baseball player in recent history who can play in the field and the pitch. He posts low era's and hits dingers all the time.

What are Shohei Ohtani's expectations for 2019?

MLB Tonight discusses what the second-year expectations should be for the Angels' Shohei Ohtani entering the 2019 season.

Shohei Ohtani destroys the baseball in first team BP since surgery

Shohei Ohtani takes his first team batting practice since having Tommy John surgery last October.

鉄ちゃん vs SHOHEI/U-22 MCBATTLE SP 3on3 戦クロ2(2018 7/14 )

2018 7/14 U-22 MCBATTLE SP 3on3 1回戦 第3試合 中堅 独行動 「SHOHEI」 vs OMN「鉄ちゃん」 □2018 7/14 U-22 MCBATTLE SP 3on3 先鋒:8小節×4本 中堅:16 ...

SHOHEI vs JAKE /Battle Fantasista ROUND2(2017 8/12)

Battle Fantasista ROUND2 2017 8/12 BEST16以降はノーカットで 戦極アプリにて公開予定! ----------------------- SHOHEI vs JAKE ----------------------- 戦極MCBATTLE ...

Ono Shohei, Japanes Judo Training 2019 highlights

Ono Shohei, Japanes Judo Training 2019 highlights.

Shohei Ohtani first BP this season

The Angels broadcast gives an update on Shohei Ohtani, as he took batting practice before the Halos' game against the Mariners.

Ippei Mizuhara, Shohei Ohtani's translator, surprised with ShoTime's success

Ippei Mizuhara has been with Shohei Ohtani for five years now and even he thought it would take more time than this for Ohtani to adjust to the majors.

SHOHEI×T-Swagg×Ruler vs RABI×ADECK×テト | 凱旋MC BATTLE 3on3

凱旋MC BATTLE 3on3 @渋谷family 詳細情報は怨念JAPのtwitterアカウントもしくは大会公式アカウントにて! 「凱旋MC BATTEL 」 主催:怨念JAP (https://twitter....

Shohei Ono vs Soichi Hashimoto 【2019 National Invitational Judo Championships 73 kg Final】

2019年全日本選抜柔道体重別選手権 73kg 決勝 大野将平 対 橋本壮市 #大野将平 #柔道 #shoheiono.

Shohei Otani 2016 highlights

Japanese pitcher shohei otani 2016.

Shohei Ohtani on his recovery from Tommy John surgery, goals for 2019, & more!

Ohtani took part in Angels Night during Wednesday night's Ducks game vs. the Blues.

Shohei Ohtani 2018 Rookie Highlights

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Shohei Ohtani | 2018 Los Angeles Highlights ᴴᴰ

Shohei Ohtani | 2018 Los Angeles Highlights ᴴᴰ Music: Psycho - Post Malone Subscribe for More: ...


凱旋MCbattle 主催 怨念JAP お仕事の依頼はこちらまで↓ Shota Tsuji お仕事の依頼はこちらまで↓ ...

Ono Shohei's Top 20 Ippons on the IJF World Judo Tour

We take a look at the best moments from Olympic champion Ono Shohei (JPN) on the IJF World Judo Tour.

Shohei Ohtani Pitching Highlights 2013〜2017

Shohei Ohtani attended Hanamaki Higashi High School in Iwate Prefecture, Northern Japan. Ohtani recorded the fastest pitch by a Japanese high school pitcher ...

Shohei Ohtani 2018 Rookie Highlights

Batting: .285 AVG, 22 HR, 61 RBI, 10 SB, .925 OPS Pitching: 4-2, 3.31 ERA, 51.2 IP, 63 K, 1.16 WHIP Song 1: Starlight (Instrumental) - Tonight Alive Song 2: The ...