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WATCH IN HD !! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - i was practicing transitions and i ended up making this and thought i'd share :)))) shiro is too much senpai material ...

Shiro-Senpai (NSFW) 💖

Dont own art, song, or voltron.

Team.SS.[ENS.Shiro Senpai] Drift Azir

TeamSS: Azir moments by ENC.Shiro Senpai.

Shiro-senpai wa ureshi desu

Internet / En serio / 1 contra 1 PAC-LAND (versión Ω) Samus, Ness.

Shiro My Room [ENGLISH DUB]

Please remember that the childrens' hair colours are not supposed to match any of the children's potential mothers. All of their hair colours are based on the hair ...

Pokemon go meet up by Senpai Project, Shiro Con and Techi no ai

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Shiki - Senpai (Shiro Remix)

Re:Zero felix trap

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Believer - Shiro

I really felt like the song suited the paladins...but this part especially reminded me of Shiro. *whispered* Someone save him... SONG: Believer - Imagine Dragons ...

a love song for shiro

gotta convey my feelings somehow.

No Game No Life Scene - Shiro Takes Steph's Pantsu [Eng Sub]

From Episode 5! Requested by Lamiria.


This is basically their dynamic tho * * * HELP ME SEE MY GF: My Tumblr: My Twitter: ...

S4 League Special - *_*Shiro*_* vs. Inspiration97 (uncut)

Yohe, Sportsfreunde :) Der gute Inspi wollte unbedingt mal ein Duell gegen meinen Senpai Shiro machen, also dachte ich mir "Dass muss ich für die Nachwelt ...

shiro's vietnam flashbacks

sorry not sorry (i'm making serious vids, really!) flashbacks by Selcuklu11 from Voltron.

Shiro's Gay

For twitter. RT here: Because my rp, @shinononomeme, is gay. No offense intended.

Notice Me, Senpai~

Hehehehehe~! Lyrics by me: One two~ One two three! Oh, Senpai, you're the best! Especially when you put me to the test! When I squeel, you look away- when ...

Alexander -The Burden of the Father (Savage) - A4S with Senpai - Shiro POV FULL

24th LKC [2nd Fight] Carey Senpai(Aka) vs Suresh-sensei (Shiro)

[Comic Fandub] Fire Emblem: Fates - Shiro and Kana

The artist of this comic is "GOLD | 골드" (@goldtectonic) from Twitter! Shiro was voiced by Zerard ...

Eromanga-sensei E9 - Kawaii senpai

Eromanga-sensei - episode 9.

Speed Drawing of Sora and Shiro from no game no life

All music gos there respective owners no copyright intended.

Team actions - Frame of mind - by 3RS Shiro

Salut ! Un nouveau montage league of legends, action de team, steal, flash in, bref que du bon quoi ! enjoy ! comme toujours si cette vidéo t'a plu, tu connais ...

Who Is Your Anime Waifu?! | #ShiroSenpai

So, it's time to anwer the questions you guys asked me :D it's time for my first Q&A! If you want to ask me any questions for the next Q&A, just leave them in the ...

Shinonome/Shiro Skinship [English Subs]

Fan translation credit goes to: Since this is a fan translation, please regard them carefully.

Team Actions 2 - Fraternity - by 3RS Shiro

Le seconds montage league of legends, "Team actions" 2 comme toujours si cette vidéo t'a plu, tu connais déjà la chanson ^^ Like/com/sub.

Shiro and En's Quest! | Forest Rave meme

so i've been really wanting to make a short animation lately and i ended up doing it over the course of 3 days :)) -also i'm almost at 400 subs already omg thank ...

Ouran High School Host Club Voice Impressions

Character List (in order): Haruhi, Honey-senpai, Renge, Princess Ayanokoji, Benio, Takaoji Shiro, Kirimi You guys are seriously so sweet and amazing ...