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WATCH IN HD !! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - i was practicing transitions and i ended up making this and thought i'd share :)))) shiro is too much senpai material - - - - - - - - - - - -...

Thank you Shiro senpai (PLZ READ DESC!)

Ok my cousin sister (Shiro Senpai Drawz)made this for me as a gift so tank chu! ;3; Vid link:

Legends Nightcore - Sleeping with sirens | Shiro Senpai Nightcore

Hey Guys ! Give me a like please if u enjoy it. It just take a few seconds a you help me a lot! INSTAGRAM: @AllSupportsFault TWITCH: SOON;3 (We could be legends, we could be legends) (We could...

Legends Never Die - Against The Current | Shiro Senpai Nightcore

Hey guys! I have instagram too, you can follow me on @Allsupportsfault for daily league and videogames content, i do directs sometimes. Twitch channel: coming soon. Lyrics: Legends never...

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K : Cute Moments Neko Kuro Shiro

I own nothing. All belong to their respective owner. Thank you.

Look What You Made Me Do - Nightcore | Shiro Senpai

Subscribe for more amazing nightcore ~(˘▾˘~) Lyrics I don't like your little games Don't like your tilted stage The role you made me play of the fool No, I don't like you I...

Team.SS.[ENS.Shiro Senpai] Drift Azir

TeamSS: Azir moments by ENC.Shiro Senpai.


the daddy dump ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) im back in school and the internet sucks, have some shiro u memes 1: LOSE CONTROL :

HE BROKE MY HEART!! - meme- [Shiro Sempai 0w0]

Hola estoy devuelta!!xd Bueno me costo demaciado hacer el video y se que no tiene muy buena calidad pero con el futuro mejorare en estoxd, Bueno para aclarar la chica de pelo negro en el video...

Shiki – Senpai [Bass Boosted]

You can buy the song here: Itunes: Spotify:

Symphony | Shiro Senpai Nightcore

Hello Guys! Here is some info! Lyrics below (spanish and english) Anime pic: Your lie in april Song: Symphony - clean bandit ------------------------------------------------------------------------...

"CLOUD" - Penta Graves - By Shiro ft Mikøltar

Un pentakill sous la pluie... Musique : Mikøltar - Cloud :

Shiro's Gay

For twitter. RT here: Because my rp, @shinononomeme, is gay. No offense intended.

Shiro-senpai wa ureshi desu

Internet / En serio / 1 contra 1 PAC-LAND (versión Ω) Samus, Ness.

Lean Back - Senpai | R.I.P Shiro (Prod. KFM)

Original Version: Fat Joe - Lean Back ------------------------------------------------------------ Senpai - Lean Back (R.I.P Shiro)

【Shiro】Speedpaint 『Amyu』 SAI

Yeah! Der erste Part beim Skizzieren ist leider etwas verschoben xD Aber das hab ich dann mitbekommen xD Hier also das Geburtstagsgeschenk für Momo-senpai QwQ Die Lieder: Nightcore: キミに贈...

Crush song -^-

Song by: twaimz Original thingy idk...sowwy ;^; have sum DONUTS! ...

Senpai || MEP Part 8 || Shiro

See guys???? I can do FX X'D This was actually fun to make too ^^ Anime: Voltron Character: Shiro All art belongs to the original artists :3.

Shiro Wars

It's only the beginning of this war JOIN SHIRO !!! wait.

Secrets MEME (Feat. Voltron LD Shiro)

Dad Original Meme: Song:

shiro calm ur tits zarkon aint that horrible

first thing i thought of when i woke up this morning tbh.

NGNL : Shiro Sora can't be apart

i do not own anything from this clip. All right reserved to the respective owner. thank you. anime : no game no life.

Shiro My Room [ENGLISH DUB]

Please remember that the childrens' hair colours are not supposed to match any of the children's potential mothers. All of their hair colours are based on the hair colours that they have...

Shinonome/Shiro Skinship [English Subs]

Fan translation credit goes to: Since this is a fan translation, please regard them carefully.

Pokemon go meet up by Senpai Project, Shiro Con and Techi no ai

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[Comic Fandub] Fire Emblem: Fates - Shiro and Kana

The artist of this comic is "GOLD | 골드" (@goldtectonic) from Twitter! Shiro was voiced by Zerard (