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WATCH IN HD !! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - i was practicing transitions and i ended up making this and thought i'd share :)))) shiro is too much senpai material - - - - - - - - - - - -...

Legends Never Die - Against The Current | Shiro Senpai Nightcore

Hey guys! I have instagram too, you can follow me on @Allsupportsfault for daily league and videogames content, i do directs sometimes. Twitch channel: coming soon. Lyrics: Legends never...

Legends Nightcore - Sleeping with sirens | Shiro Senpai Nightcore

Hey Guys ! Give me a like please if u enjoy it. It just take a few seconds a you help me a lot! INSTAGRAM: @AllSupportsFault TWITCH: SOON;3 (We could be legends, we could be legends) (We could...

Symphony | Shiro Senpai Nightcore

Hello Guys! Here is some info! Lyrics below (spanish and english) Anime pic: Your lie in april Song: Symphony - clean bandit ------------------------------------------------------------------------...

Team.SS.[ENS.Shiro Senpai] Drift Azir

TeamSS: Azir moments by ENC.Shiro Senpai.

Shiki – Senpai [Bass Boosted]

You can buy the song here: Itunes: Spotify:

NGNL : Shiro Sora can't be apart

i do not own anything from this clip. All right reserved to the respective owner. thank you. anime : no game no life.

Re:Zero felix trap

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Shiro-senpai wa ureshi desu

Internet / En serio / 1 contra 1 PAC-LAND (versión Ω) Samus, Ness.

No Game No Life Scene - Shiro and Izuna Bathing Together[Eng Sub]

From the last episode! Ka-WA-iiiiiii What time is it kids? LOLI TIME.

No Game No Life Scene - Shiro Takes Steph's Pantsu [Eng Sub]

From Episode 5! Requested by Lamiria.

Another Love. [Shiro X Keith]

Shiro is the one person who never gave up on me, I'm not going to give up on him!” . . . . Now that Keith got confirmed 18, aka a adult, you can't not tell me this is a pedo ship. Mawahaha....

"CLOUD" - Penta Graves - By Shiro ft Mikøltar

Un pentakill sous la pluie... Musique : Mikøltar - Cloud :

Shiki - Senpai (Shiro Remix)

Senpai || MEP Part 8 || Shiro

See guys???? I can do FX X'D This was actually fun to make too ^^ Anime: Voltron Character: Shiro All art belongs to the original artists :3.

Team actions - Frame of mind - by 3RS Shiro

Salut ! Un nouveau montage league of legends, action de team, steal, flash in, bref que du bon quoi ! enjoy ! comme toujours si cette vidéo t'a plu, tu connais déjà la chanson ^^ Song...

Senpai *meme*

O////O meu deux Agr a Ingrid se lasco MAIAHAUHAUAHA.

HE BROKE MY HEART!! - meme- [Shiro Sempai 0w0]

Hola estoy devuelta!!xd Bueno me costo demaciado hacer el video y se que no tiene muy buena calidad pero con el futuro mejorare en estoxd, Bueno para aclarar la chica de pelo negro en el video...

Invadindo fortaleza # 8 (Shiro)

Se gostou deixa o like. Se quiser que eu teste sua fortaleza ou arena cola seu nick do jogo e sua guilda. Quem quiser baixar o jogo só baixar na windows store (loja do windows ) o jogo é...

The Return Montage - Edit by Shiro (evol's clips)

Yo tout le monde, j'espère que tout va bien de votre côté. Pour ma part je sors un nouveau montage de league of legends, simple et sans trop d'effet car mon Pc dans son état actuel ne me...

Shiro My Room [ENGLISH DUB]

Please remember that the childrens' hair colours are not supposed to match any of the children's potential mothers. All of their hair colours are based on the hair colours that they have...

Pokemon go meet up by Senpai Project, Shiro Con and Techi no ai

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Shinonome/Shiro Skinship [English Subs]

Fan translation credit goes to: Since this is a fan translation, please regard them carefully.

Shiro - Power

Anime: Voltron Music: Knife Party - Power Glove.

SERPONGE!!! l About Nothing 1 y 2 l By Serponge l Shiro

GD : ShIrO SeNpAi TW:

Ouran High School Host Club Voice Impressions

Character List (in order): Haruhi, Honey-senpai, Renge, Princess Ayanokoji, Benio, Takaoji Shiro, Kirimi You guys are seriously so sweet and amazing :) OHSHC is such a silly and charming show;...

24th LKC [2nd Fight] Carey Senpai(Aka) vs Suresh-sensei (Shiro)