SEIGAKU no Victory!!! 😃

The final moments at the National Tournament. 🤗

The prince of tennis - Captain Tezuka came back to Seigaku!

The prince of tennis - Seigaku vs Higa, pillow fight!

The prince of tennis - Kirihara Akaya messed up Seigaku tennis club

The prince of tennis - Seigaku vs Shitenhouji, Tezuka plays a doubles match....?!

We Love Seigaku

Este video fue elaborado por Xcaret Bardawill, y ella me dio permiso de subirlo aquí, espero les guste, tanto como a mi. Arigato imootosan.

[34] ~oshitari, mukahi (hyotei) vs oishi, kikumaru (seigaku)

this is the battle between seigaku and the movie of the prince of tennis. songs: keep holding on artist: avril lavigne program: WMM2 date : 30 april 2008 day : tuesday time...

District Tournament Victory Party - SEIGAKU

After Seishun Gakuen Boys Tennis won the District tournament, the team celebrated their victory at a sushi house owned by Kawamura Takashi's family. :)

[手描MAD] せいがく!OP / SEIGAKU!

投稿者 ≠ 製作者です ニコニコ動画から無断加工転載 【手書きテニス】せいがく!

We Love Seigaku

This is my first time making a video, so I'm sorry if it's bad. But nonetheless, I hope you enjoyed this song and love Seigaku as well! :)


ミュージカル『テニスの王子様』コンサート Dream Live 2017公演開催を記念して、Dream PV SEIGAKUをアップいたしました! 他校は下記よりチェック!...

The prince of tennis - Seigaku senpais stealing a glance at Ryoma and Sakuno

Seigaku & Shitenhouji Are Back

Just a POT amv that i made when i was bored Song: Destiny Artist: SS501 Anime: Prince of Tennis Another Story Program: Sony Vegas Pro 9 Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the...

[CAS] Seigaku & Shitenhouji Are Back

Re-Uploaded Song: Destiny Artist: Ss501 Anime: Prince of Tennis Another Story Program: Sony Vegas Pro 9.

Seigaku: Prince of Bowling?!!! Seigaku's Prince of Billiards... The part where the Seigaku regulars play Bowling and experience the Aozu (blue vinegar) of Inui...

We love Seigaku

The song 'We love Seigaku' from the Tenimyu cast. Made by myselfe.

SEIGAKU at Taka-san's SUSHI REstaurant

Tenimyu side Fudomine (special winter match), Seigaku has been enjoying this game (especially Kaidoh XD)... they call it the Seigaku game ^^ Translation: Inui Sadaharu- rikutsu janai (it's...

We Love Seigaku- The Prince of Tennis

Una hermosa canción cantada por todos los jugadores de Seigaku jiji, es una hermosa canción!!, disfrútenla!!

The prince of tennis - Young Seigaku regulars, cheer up!!

[Tenimyu] My favorite...Seigaku version

Un vídeo con mis preferencias en cuanto actores del Seigaku :3 Intentaré subir uno por equipo.


Koko Kara Ga Oretachi Seigaku Regulars

From ABSOLUTE KING Rikkai feat.Rokkaku ~ Second Service ~ *I do not own anything*

We Love Seigaku

Images of the Seigaku Tennis team Tenimyu cast.