【SDO-X】Season 3 Virus HARD lv 18

stuck that's why miss ~enjoy~ FULL COMBO :


SPEED: 5.0 (65cool) many cool because laggy.


Player: curt1221 Facebook: osu: Game: ...

SDO-X Season 3 Ariari Hard

Hope You Guys Enjoy Watching This Video~ Facebook: Twitter:

SDO-X SDOIC 2016 - Grand Final - Venus Carnival LV53 Multi (4K)

【SDO-X】Season 3 Blood on Fire (HARD) FULL COMBO

many cool know already.

SDO-X Malaysia - Gangnam Style.avi

Over the past few weeks, we have asked our beloved dancers regarding their favourite singer and song that they would love to have it on SDO-X! When SDO-X ...

2010 WCG SDO-X Final Gravitation.mp4

2010 WCG SDO-X Final.

[SDO-X] 53 - Venus Carnival 金星狂欢 1971 combo 9 bad 10 miss

SDO-X Season 3 Test Play - Teen Fest 2011 (part 10)

【SDO-X】Season 3 とある科学の超電磁砲 only my railgun

i know i still noob :) BPM:143 Rate : 5x.

DJ SDOX @So Lounge Rabat 21-05-2017

Dj sdox in the mix @so lounge rabat # Les afters show de MAWAZIN 2017.

SDO-X Full House Update

We are proud to announce that SDO-X will officially updated onto the latest version – Super Dancer Online-Xtreme: Full House on the 13th July 2015!

How to make account in sdo-x super dance online x-treme 3

How to make account in sdo-x super dance online x-treme 3.

SDO-X Season 2 Malaysia - Mei Tian Mei Tian (Haru Haru)

SDO-X Season 2 Latest Song Mei Tian Mei Tian (Haru Haru) by Big Bang Level 5 I am unable to have all combo while recording this... Having one MISS in the ...

SDO-X - Ka Nong Lvl 20

A game play recording of the song in the title ( song is also known as canon rock) Yes i missed notes but it was fun, so I don't care :) used speed 4 for this and ...

SDO-X Dream Couple Songs Update

Check out the upcoming songs that will be coming in the new Super Dancer Online-Xtreme: Dream Couple patch! Did you notice anything else that's new in the ...

SDO-X Season 3 Trailer

Explore the Excitement of Jewel Get your dancing shoes ready and prepare to twirl on our dance floor as we present to you our very new SDO-X Season 3 ...


hard lv 8 BPM 125.

[SDO-X Malaysia] - Winter - Hard

player: Djagueras yuck.

SDO-X Anisakis Lv25 (Speed 2.5): FULL COMBO Played by [rOx]^PP @ [rOx]^Chorus

Hi and enjoy :)


many cool because laggy :P SPEED USE : 5.0 PLAYER : ~[V]~YaK@{mUrA} (me) , ~[V]~SuPeRMaN~ (my friends) , [A]d3LiN3- [P]Ro (my Fans ?)