Red Pipes Summer 2016 Jink John Turner with Calum Pasqua

Here's something different. Scottish Fiddle Champions Dr John Turner and Calum Pasqua playing the "Red PIPES". Amazing!

redpipe + optical chanter test

redpipe caledonia -electronic bagpipe

Willie McCallum plays the Redpipe Caledonia. The Redpipe Caledonia is an electronic bagpipe with a blowpipe based on sound samples of GHB, smallpipe, ...

medley red pipes

Medley du concert à la Transhumance (Nîmes) Contact : /

redpipe avalon - electronic bagpipe

The Swiss Death Metal Group Eluveitie plays on two Redpipes Avalon. The Redpipe Avalon is an electronic bagpipe with a blowpipe based on sound samples ...

R.D. Morrison playing RedPipes during Sunset by the Red Sea

ר.ד. מוריסון וחמת החלילים בשעת בין ערביים, לחוף הים האדום.

Vojta Kalina & Bayger amps and gadgets & Rolf Redpipes

Sounds from outer space. First encounter.

Redpipes Challenge 2014021601(電子バグパイプのデモ演奏)

Redpipes Challenge with Studio Piper Player : Yoshiaki Gosha (CELTECHADENZA) Sound Engineering : Masashi Takazawa Electronic Bagpipes : Redpipes ...

Game of Thrones on Electric Bagpipes RedPipes

Well, this is Game of thrones the well known T.V series with the music played on electric bagpipes.

Chris Laurenson plays Juan Martinos on Redpipes Smallpipes

Using the bass accompaniment from my accordion by way of foot pedals on a device I designed and built....who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks Ha ...

Redpipes Challenge 2014021602 "Hellbound Train"

Redpipes Challenge with Studio Piper Player : Yoshiaki Gosha (CELTECHADENZA)

redpipes demo 20140111

Player : Yoshiaki Gosya (CELTECHADENZA) Champion at Tokyo highland games solo msr competition in 1999 to 2006 デジカメでの撮影なのでノイズの除去が ...

10 tunes mit redpipe classic & air gespielt vom Duo Herbstzeitlose

10 Stücke gespielt mit Elektrischen Dudelsack (Redpipes) Nyckelharpa Drehleier.

Yves Barbieux trying out the Redpipe settings

redpipe classic Part 1

Stuart McCallum plays the Redpipe classic in smallpipe mode. Rory Grossart is on the traditional instrument. The Redpipe is an electronic bagpipe with sound ...

Redpipes Challenge 2014021603 ("Riot Step" by CELTECHADENZA)

Redpipes Challenge with Studio Piper Player : Yoshiaki Gosya (CELTECHADENZA)

Stella Splendens - エレクトリック・バグパイプ,Redpipe Metal

電子バグパイプで中世の古い曲『Stella Splendens』を演奏してみました。レッドパイプの詳細については以下のウェブサイトをご覧ください↓ http://ga...

BagpipeStar with redpipes

Entertaining the players at The Palmer Brothers Golf Tournament at Oakridge Golf Club September 7 2012.

Willie McCallum meets redpipes 2.MOV.MOV

redpipe classic for teaching.

Willie McCallum meets redpipes 1.MOV

a new redpipe caledonia.

redpipes demo 20140111_2

Redpipes Demo 2 (Highland Cathedral~Amazing Grace) Player : Yoshiaki Gosya (CELTECHADENZA) ...

Electronic bagpipes Redpipes and Bayger guitar effects

The amazing sound of electronic bagpipes Redpipes through Bayger guitar effects and amps. Played by Vojta Kalina from Pipes and Pints.

Betty Martin plays 'The Braemar Gathering' on a redpipe classic

Betty Martin, 76, plays on a redpipe classic.

redpipes and the Red Hot Chilli Pipers

the Red Hot Chilli Pipers and redpipes.