Quicksand Damsels

Zelda Damsel

The Legend of Zelda cartoon episode called That Sinking Feeling. One of my favorite episodes is this scene is the biggest reason!

Sailor Moon R Quicksand Scene

Ep. 51 *Cropped and Flipped to avoid being blocked in the U.S..

Totally Spies Breathing control mask damsel

Season 4 Episode 08: Evil Jerry Comment down below and tell me if you think the girls look cute with those breathing mask bondage on?

I Spent 24 Hours In Quicksand

I Spent 24 Hours In Quicksand DON'T SOMEHOW DO THIS AT HOME! I spent 24 hour in quicksand, since I just filled my hot tub with quicksand (kinetic sand) in ...

Quicksand - Going UNder

Damsel in Distress Quicksand - Going UNder.

Fantaghiro QUICKSAND

F Fantaghiro (aka Prinzessin Fantaghiro; Cave of the Golden Rose) 1991-1994 TV-Miniseries Italian/German - Alessandra Martines Suddenly, she hears the ...

Live quicksand sink and death

Three Girls walk in forest for complete the task of quicksand and one girl ask them to complete quicksand tsk as a result of they loses their life and completely ...

Worker Pulled into Ground by Quicksand Condition

At a sewer construction site, a worker was pulled down and trapped in the ground when a quicksand condition developed under his feet.

Kid Gets STUCK In Deep Quicksand.. (HELP)

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The Secret Saturdays Quicksand Scenes

Eps 11, 12, & 18.

Model Interview: Leila talks about playing a damsel in distress in quicksand

Pretty self explanatory, I get asked about this a lot so figured I would answer via video. Have any questions for me? Feel free to ask or make suggestions of what ...

Totally Spies! Quicksand Scene

S3 Ep 19 *Yes I do know theres more. But I'll upload it in one video since Season 6 has a bunch of QS scenes in that season alone. So that will be a video all on ...

Neck Deep - Damsel In Distress

'Wishful Thinking' + 'Rain In July / A History Of Bad Decisions' are out now on Hopeless Records! ▻Get Wishful Thinking on iTunes: ...

Quicksand - Kud

Voiced by the hilarious Jake & Amir from: http://www.ifiwereyoushow.com KUD ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Kudsite.net KUD ON TWITTER: ...

Jungle Queen and Congo Bill caught in quicksand

A tepid sort of peril from a lame Columbia serial. It supposed to take place in the heart of untamed Africa... but the film makers don't even bother to disguise the ...

Damsel stuck in laboratory

Something I did in Flash during my down time.

wakfu quicksand

some scene from the good show wakfu, enjoy.

Batgirl in Traps & Perils

Batgirl in Traps & Perils.

5,000 Pounds Of Quicksand In Hot Tub (Kinetic Sand)

5000 Pounds Of Quicksand In Hot Tub (Kinetic Sand) GET YOUR OWN COOLSAND!

Totally Spies! Quicksand Scene #2

S5 Ep 6 *I didn't know of this scene till a friend mentioned it to me. So thank you C:

kid gets stuck in quicksand... (Cries)

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kid gets stuck head first in quicksand...

I CAN'T BELIEVE WHAT THESE PEOPLE DID! Follow Viral Matters on Twitter!: https://twitter.com/ViralMatters Music: ...

How Long Can You Stay Alive In Quicksand

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