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Q&A with Professional Stylists - Scope 3.13.2016

Curlfriends ; Fawnne Smith, Ms. Nikki J., blogger Jonna (NaturallyGlamTV) and myself, Abena Palmore during my silkpress at Salon Noa in Virginia Beach. Live broadcast every Sunday 8pm EST...

16,000 SUBSCRIBER Q&A 🎉💥❤️

Our thoughts on having so many new subscribers and our reaction to Zalfie's (Alfie & Zoe's) shout out. We want you guys to give us QUESTIONS - Remember to comment below Watch Alfie &...

ასურელები - სოფელი ქანდა

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Denise Crosby Q&A panel at Bangor Comic and Toy Con 2016

She's pretty great.

4.10.2016| Vlog

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ქანდის 13 ასურელი მამის მონასტერი... მამა სერაფიმ ბით-ხარიბი

Zalfie's 4 Year Anniversary Day | Snapchat 4.10.2016

Zalfie's 4 Year Anniversary Day Watch next: Zalfie's treehouse weekend w/ Poppy Deyes and Sean Part 2: Suggs Carpool Karaoke: Hottest...

Kylie Jenner shows new fall lip kits | Snapchat 8.10.2016

Kylie Jenner shows new fall lip kits Watch next: Kylie Jenner cooks for Tyga: Kylie Jenner Q&A: Kylie Jenner getting presents from...

Audition on mytho dialogues dated 4.10.2016

Audition on mytho dialogues dated 4.10.2016.

Random Scope from Sunday 4.10.2016

Discussion from tonight was very random. Touched on Deep Conditioning, Ingredients, low porosity hair, henna for low porosity hair, shampoo, sulfates, surfactants, and of course what was going...

Allie Long Live Q&A

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Lokakuun häkki esittelyvideo + TEKISINKÖ Q&A VIDEON?

Kiitti kun katsoit videon! Paina tykkää nappia jos tykkäsit. Laittakaahan kysymyksiä liittyen meidän eläimiin. Ig: helmi__03 (2alaviivaa )

Bangor Comic Toy Con Q&A Panel 2016 - Zordon, Bulk & Skull

BCTC Bangor Comic Toy Con Q&A Panel 2016 Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier (Paul Schrier) Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch (Jason Narvy) Zordon (David J. Fielding)

Joe Sugg Snapchat Story ft. Caspar Lee & Josh Pieters | 4.10.2016

Watch next: Joe Sugg partying + singing a bit: Suggs Carpool Karaoke: Joe Sugg Singing: Joe Sugg singing...

Bangor Maine Comic Con 2016! 4.10.2016 | Bin's Toy Bin Daily Vlogs

Our adventure at the 2016 Bangor Maine Comic and Toy Convention! Daily Vlog #172 Please Subscribe, Like and Comment!! **...

Борис Гельфанд и Евгений Томашевский о партии 7 тура. Мемориал Таля 2016

Подписаться на канал Crestbook - Мемориал Михаила Таля 2016. 7 тур, 4.10.2016 Крамник - Томашевский, Свидлер...

Minecraft Konsole (Q&A): 1.9 Kampfsystem AUCH im Battle Mode?

Minecraft Konsole (Q&A): 1.9 Kampfsystem AUCH im Battle Mode? ❤ Trete der #GGDEArmy BEI! ➤ · DU willst mehr davon? ➽ DAUMEN NACH OBEN! ♥ ▭▭▭▭▭▭▭...

Minecraft Konsole (Q&A): Kommt auch die 1.10 Version? Ingame Chat?

Minecraft Konsole (Q&A): Kommt auch die 1.10 Version? Ingame Chat? ❤ Trete der #GGDEArmy BEI! ➤ ✘ Du willst Mehr? ➜ DAUMEN NACH OBEN! ♥ ▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭...

Why Your Hair is not getting Longer

I share the 3 key factors and things you do that keep your hair from growing longer than it is right now. This is an undedited replay of the live broadcast shared for those who could not be...

Bin's New Hair Cut & Viewer Q&A!! 12.9.2015 | Bins Toy Bin Daily Vlogs

Bin gets her hair done today!!! We answer some more of your questions! We take questions from the last Viewer Q&A Video and answer them the best way we can :) 12.9.2015 Daily Vlog #49 Please...

Heat Styling How Often is Safe Scope 3.20.2016

Since my hair is still straight (8 days and counting) we discussed how often is safe to heat style your hair without causing heat damage. Plus other random Q&A during the chat. Live broadcast...