Rush E || PuuCe Remix

As you might tell by the two videos in two days, I have no ideas for new Hardbass tracks and/or videos. Plus it is Exam time and I have to study so these should ...


Welcome to the beginning of my hardbass production days! We have tons of pelmeņi, Preņiki, Semečki and vodka. Enjoy your stay! Thanks for watching!

PuuCe Ft. Soviet Duck Man || 𝘘𝘜𝘈𝘊𝘒

Edit: Had to reupload because video didnt render until the end and so it cuts off at the end) My first ever collaboration on a track. Show Soviet Duck Man some ...

PuuCe ft. Jandy || Blacksmith

Welcome to the blacksmith, where we make all your AK's, ushankas and pretty much everything in Russia. While you are here don't forget to Like and Subscribe ...

PuuCe || Seizures In Moscow

Thanks to Jandy for giving me input on this track in its development. Minimum 2 more songs, and my EP "155 BPM" is going to be released for all of you to enjoy!

PuuCe || BassTown

New EP coming soon, stay tuned. Thanks for watching :D.


Marie, tu sais, je t'en veux pas si t'es une pas douée d'la vie. Tu t'en sortiras, t'inquiète pas. J'aime quand même ta rêche ... ^^

Childish Gambino - Bonfire || PuuCe Remix

The first sign of me doing things other than Hardbass. hope you enjoy it :D Thumbnail and Artwork inspired by: The Bootleg Boy His channel: ...

Elles &. mooi a laa dance (lL)

Jee voous aiime Priincesse , Pooupeii &. Puuce xlL Uun peuu de footes maiis 0n viien dl'apreendre , alors c'est pardoonnable =P huun Pooupei :p biisous mes ...


Mežs Koksne dalās ar jums savās pavārmākslas zināšanās, labu apetīti! Forest Wood shares his culinary skills with all of you! Bon Apetit!

Everybody knows - Leonard Cohen

Theme from "Pump up the volume" with Christian Slater. Also used in latest anti smoking add.

Petite Puuce.

MA Petite Puce, Une des meilleures :$

puuce je teime