Princess Inflation

Princess Maydine's Blueberry Inflation

this is my 2 minute animation i made. Starring the Cartoon Muntjac Deer Princess Maydine in a Violet Beauregarde Parody from Willy Wonka. But don't worry, ...

Princess Peach's Gargantuan Balloony Escape by BalloonKing91

Warning! This video contains body inflation. This was not made by me, but by BalloonKing91 on DeviantArt. I was simply asked to upload this.

Pajama Suit Water Inflation

Hey, finally a suit inflation scene for my channel. Here we have some pajamas inflating over water leaking on the roof. Maybe it could've been better with a knob ...

Princess Maydine's Blueberry inflation (Extended Version)

I kept my promise, all you fans. It maybe different but it worth it, so i hope you still love it, but please respect my youngest cousin, she's the one that voiced ...

Princess Poppy Inflation In Slow Motion

Seen On Trolls (2016)

Carbonation Inflation

Warning! This video contains body inflation. Peach and Rosalina are on a tour of a soda factory. Rosalina drinks a Fizzy-P brand Power Soda, despite Peach's ...

belly inflation

volvi,ya termine mi condena que me impuso youtube,si no hay drama,seguire subiendo, GRACIAS OSCAR SINECIO POR POR LA BUENA ONDA!!!GRACIAS ...

Steamrolled Body Inflation Animation

This is not mine it was on YouTube forever ago then got deleted. Enjoy!

Raccoon Inflation

Welp, that's what that Raccoon gets for being full of himself. X3.

Princess Cadance Belly inflation

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Princess Balloon Dare

Warning! This video contains body inflation. Daisy dares Peach to blow up a balloon until it pops. But it backfires! I recommend the Flash version on my ...

Puffy Princess Pipe Problem

Warning! This video contains body inflation. The princesses travel through a pipe, but a stray P-Balloon inflates Daisy and gets her stuck!

Squeezing Inflation Animation

Made by Thiridian on DeviantArt.

Topping Off the Tomboy

Warning! This video contains body inflation. Daisy goes on a picnic with Peach and chugs a lot of Power Soda, bloating up massively and belches a lot.

KP inflation comic

KP blowing up into a giant fat blob.

Body Inflation Audio Story: Pumping a Prissy Princess

Info on how to request and commission story dubs from us can be found here: Patreon: Discord server: ...

Triple Inflation Roulette

Warning! This video contains body inflation. Well, body parts. The princesses discover a ? Balloon, which causes random parts of them to inflate!

Belly inflation & ball balance

My page + source +++ My other accounts! Support production of videos (donations): ...

SFM: Fillies... (comedy inflation)

went for a more looney tunes theme this time. I don't want to Christmas in the title due to the number of kids that would be looking at that stuff so this will do. enjoy ...

Pump robot and girl inflation

Attention! You can watch full 7-minute video using link in notification: Robot model is available ...