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Myths broken about Oregon weather.

Portland weather forecast at 5:30

Portland weather forecast at 5:30.

Record Snow Storm, Portland Oregon. 1/11/17

The weather report called for 1-4 inches of snow, instead, it was 8-15 inches, depending on area of the city, and the elevation. I got about 8-9 inches. Of snow.

Post-snowpocalypse time-lapse drive to downtown Portland

The morning commute (on traction tires) for an Oregonian employee from the Woodstock area of Southeast Portland to downtown. Half a foot to a foot of snow ...

Portland's wet weather

http://preparetoserve.com/OREGON Portland's wet weather and climate. It's overcast and quite rainy in Portland, for much of the year.

Typical Portland Weather

Taken 2/9/2012 from 3pm to 5pm and sped up This is typical for Portland Oregon...

Snow slams Portland metro area, city comes to standstill Portland Weather

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Winter Weather to Hit Portland Oregon on Saturday February 8, 2014

Winter Weather is on its way for Portland Oregon and West Coast of Oregon on Saturday February 8, 2014 and it will bring 1 to 3 Inches of Snow and it will be ...

Snow in Portland Oregon - December 2016 Weather - Does it snow in Portland Oregon? YES!

Does it snow in Portland? Pearl District PDX pictures and videos of snow in Portland 2016. SEE IT: http://bit.ly/snow-in-pdx-december The snow in Portland ...

Powerful Storm to Hit Portland Oregon on Monday December 7, 2015

Powerful Storm is on its way for Portland Oregon on Monday December 7, 2015 and it will bring 30+ mm of Rain and the Winds will be Very Strong Especially ...

Portland Weather October 15, 2016

High Winds in Downtown Portland, Oregon.

Oregon weather. A month to month look.

Recap of weather in Oregon from June 2011- June 2012. Mixing a few nice days with our ever changing weather systems, lead to some great video.

Portland weather: Scenes from the traffic disaster that didn't happen

The forecast for a snowy, icy megastorm during the morning commute on Nov. 13, 2014, didn't materialize. Aside from bumpy bus rides because TriMet insisted ...

Cold weather hits Portland

The cold weather is about to hit Portland.

Portland weather forecast at 6

Portland weather forecast at 6.

Portland King 5 Weather I Tornado‬, ‪Manzanita‬, ‪Oregon‬‬ I Thousands without power in Seattle USA

A tornado struck an Oregon beach town as strong winds and heavy rain walloped the Pacific Northwest, leaving thousands without power as utility crews ...

Bruce Sussman Demo - Chief Meteorologist - Portland Oregon - KOIN 6 News - TV Weather Anchor

A demo tape for Bruce Sussman, Chief Meteorologist at KOIN Local 6 News in Portland Oregon.

Portland weather memes take internet by storm

The record rainfall across the Portland area brought out the creatives on social media. Watch to see some of our favorite memes in the video above.

Portland weather forecast now calls for perhaps a half foot of snow for Portland metro

With cold air in place and plenty of moisture arriving with a Pacific low pressure system, forecaster David Elson of the National Weather Service in Portland says ...

Pretty typical Portland weather

April sunshine mixed with grey clouds and...hail??

Saturday Night Portland Weather Forecast

Brian Miskimins has your detailed Sunday forecast.

THU 5:30pm Portland Weather by Rod Hill

This video is about 2016-12-08 17:34:03.

Thu 7pm Portland Weather by PortlandWeather.com Rod Hill

This video is about 2016-10-13 18:59:26.

Portland Winter Weather Outlook for 2009-2010 - Bruce Sussman Portland Weather - KOIN Local 6 News

Meteorologist Bruce Sussman shares his outlook on this upcoming Portland Oregon Winter for 2009/2010. Great snow/ice weather footage from last year is ...

Baby Powder thrown in 45 Degree Portland weather

Look what happens when you throw baby powder in Portland, Oregon at 45 degrees F.... Follow on twitter @nathanbrannon.

Live Local Weather and Traffic Portland, Oregon. With Music. :)