Periodization for Bodybuilding (With Examples)

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Undulating Periodization Strategies |

Chad Wesley Smith elucidates the undulating periodization strategies he uses to help athletes better manage fatigue to allow for more frequent and intense overloading during training mesocycles....

How to Gain Strength Faster by using Periodization

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What is Periodization? (LINEAR, DUP, BLOCK EXPLAINED)

Ever wonder what periodization is and if you should do it? In this video, I discuss what is periodization training and outline linear, daily undulating periodization (DUP) and block periodization....

Training Periodisation FOR BODYBUILDERS | Linear & Undulating Periodization With Eric Helms

In this video, we look into the different types of training periodisation, in particular linear periodisation. Eric Helms takes us through a segment from Module 2 Unit 7 of The SBS Academy,...

BioLayne Video Log 30 - Periodization

In this BioLayne video log I talk about different forms of periodization, what are the most effective forms, how to implement them, and what are some misconceptions surrounding them.

How to Maximize Muscle Growth 202: Training to Failure, Periodization and Deloads

[Dr. Brad Schoenfeld's Website] [Dr. Brad Schoenfeld's Book] [Dr. Brad's Youtube...

Periodization Explained

Coach Marty Gaal of OSB Multisport Coaching explains the concepts of Periodization for multisport training. Sponsored by: and

Periodization: The Key to Consistent Muscle Gains | Part 1



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Periodization for Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced Athletes


My Linear Periodization Story

It's not that linear periodization is bad, it's just that I believe there's a better way to train for drug-free lifters, especially in the upper body department. Want to get big as f***? See:...

Athlete Profiling: Choosing a Periodization System, with Nick Winkleman |

In this video from the NSCA's National Conference 2012, Nick Winkleman discusses the use of periodization - its definition, considerations, using periodization profiles, and examples. For more...

Periodization and Programming for Strength Power Sports, with Mike Stone and Meg Stone |

"Training is a process and there's a lot more to it than simply sets and reps." Respected strength coaches Mike Stone and Meg Stone discuss periodization and programming for strength power...

Block Periodization - Long Term Delayed Training Effect

In this presentation I discuss the long term delayed training effect and how to manipulate it to peak athletes performance.

Periodization - Setting Up Your Season

Planning out your season is the first step to success. In this webinar, coach Jeff Boele lays out the concept of periodization and how it applies to setting up your season.

Q&A with Nick & Dr. Mike | Renaissance Periodization

Nick Shaw and Dr. Mike Israetel celebrate 20k members of the RP Clients Group on Facebook with this Q&A. The Renaissance Diet: ...

How to DUP (Daily Undulating Periodization) | Practical | Examples

Daily Undulating Periodization - Basically explained as: to every day or gym session, you vary your reps & sets, with the goal of increasing your size and strength through both hypertrophy...

Conjugate Periodization, with Matt Wenning |

Coach and powerlifter Matt Wenning, MS, discusses the benefits of conjugate periodization in this talk from the NSCA's 2013 Coaches Conference. For more info about strength and conditioning,...

Physique Science Episode 4 - Periodization Programming with Dr Mike Zourdos

In this episode we discuss daily undulating periodization/programming (DUP) with one of the world's leading researchers on the topic, Dr. Mike Zourdos, a professor of exercise science at Florida...

3DMJ Q&A Series Bodybuilding Periodization

"The most effective way to periodized training for hypertrophy?"

Alpha Destiny and Concurrent Periodization

I love the Alpha Destiny's channel. He's like the son I never had. And I agree with him... Linear periodization is usually a recipe for plateaus and stalls. It can be useful for beginners,...

Volume Periodization for Maximizing Intermediate Training

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Periodization for Small and Large Group Training -

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Linear Progression Vs Linear Periodization Jason Blaha Weighs In

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Why Concurrent Periodization?

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How to Track Progress With Concurrent Periodization

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