Oxygen Lance

Cutting papermachine rollers with oxygen lance

Cutting papermachine rollers with oxygen lance.

Thermal Lance In Action - Scrapping a 2 million dollar FPSO turret bearing

THE BEARING* The bearing in this video is only 10 years old and came from the turret of one of our FPSO's. The FPSO in question, 'Xikomba', is in Keppel ...

How to Make a Thermal Lance Kit - Hot Enough To Melt Rock - NightHawkInLight

I came up with this project in an effort to replicate industrially made thermic (thermal) lances in a small, mobile form factor. Their use commercially is usually for ...

Rolls cutting with thermal lances

Rolls cutting with 3/8" thermal lances.

Oxygen lancing a snapped-off shaft

cable drum twisted the shaft apart. The shrink fit on the shaft is too great to just press the shaft out, so we oxygen lance a hole through the shaft before attempting ...

What is THERMAL LANCE? What does THERMAL LANCE mean? THERMAL LANCE meaning & explanation

What is THERMAL LANCE? What does THERMAL LANCE mean? THERMAL LANCE meaning - THERMAL LANCE definition - THERMAL LANCE explanation.

DIY home made thermic Lance easily cutting cast iron brake rotor

DIY home made thermic Lance cutting brake rotor cast iron easily. Mild steel wire packed into a 3/8 brake like with oxygen line attached. The battery is just for ...

Thermal lance

removing a stuck pin from a weir gate.

Thermal Lance cutting-melting concrete

The lance is made of iron tube, with iron rods within it, running the length of the tube. The principal is "to burn the iron lance, by first heating the tip with an ...

Supersonic Oxygen Lance SSMill 1996

Supersonic Oxygen Lance, trials & operations.

Oxygen lance

Seized 3" x 22" pin. Blasting straight through the centre using an oxygen lance. After I load the second rod I hit a pocket of grease.....very volitile!

Thermal oxygen lance cutting in Netherlands

B2B Metalworks OU, Estonia. www.b2bmetalworks.eu.

Thermic Lance Lightsaber Cuts Through Steel!

Sign up for you FREE trial to The Great Courses Plus here: http://ow.ly/RGiD30egcVs Let's try out this thermic lance lightsaber, it can cut through thin steel but ...

Magnesium Lance and Liquid oxygen, Torch cutting

Cutting stainless steel with a Magnesium lance and liquid oxygen.

Oxygen lance vs stuck pin

Best way to deal with a stuck pin.

Thermic Lancing Training - Steel Block (Part 2)

Cutting through a solid steel counter-weight using thermic lancing technologies.

IRL Oxygen Lance Cutting System2016

IRWIN Oxygen Lance Cutting System 2016.

thermal lance-hottest thing on earth part 2

cutting 12 inch feeder off an 18 ton casting in minutes all in a days work part 2.

Cutting Steel With Spaghetti (Thermic Lance)

I MAKE CUSTOM BRANDING IRONS!! www.madcowbrandingirons.com Instagram: @theprorancher @madcowbrandingirons T-Shirts: ...

What does oxygen lance mean?

What does oxygen lance mean? A spoken definition of oxygen lance. Intro Sound: Typewriter - Tamskp Licensed under CC:BA 3.0 Outro Music: Groove Groove ...

Cut Through Steel With Spaghetti | Thermic Lance

Spaghetti Isn't The Best Fuel | More on the topic This project is another version of something called a thermic lance. When commercially used for construction ...

ARCAIR SLICE Oxygen Lance First Use

So I picked up an ARCAIR SLICE which is an oxygen lance, and I have to say its pretty epic. You can burn through just about anything. Used it to burn out some ...

Daiwa CA Lance [Oxygen Lance] (English)

The Daiwa CA Lance is the world's #1 calorized oxygen lancing solution. Daiwa's patented CA lance supplies to over 50 countries around the world to ...

Tapping a Furnace

A tapper opening a taphole in the side of an iron furnace. Using an oxygen lance.

Cutting stainless steel with a Magnesium lance and liquid oxygen

Cutting stainless steel with a Magnesium lance and liquid oxygen.