Japan's "Little India" [Tokyo Divali Festival!]

The Nishi-Kasai Divali Indian Festival in Tokyo: I had an opportunity to check out the famous Divali Festival held in Tokyo.

Nishikasai, Tokyo (Japan)

Nishikasai comes under Edogawa (江戸川区 Edogawa-ku) is a special ward located in Tokyo Metropolis, Japan. It takes its name from the Edo River that runs ...

Travel Log #3: Nishi-Kasai Station Area

A look at the area I'm staying in.

Nishikasai CREW Have a fun !

Japanese B-girls Nishikasai CREW.

【1979年開業】東西線 西葛西駅を歩いてみた Nishi-kasai station Tozai Line

2018年6月30日撮影 東京メトロ東西線の西葛西駅を歩いてみました 1979年(昭和54年)10月1日開業 2017年度の1日平均乗降人員は105183人で東京メトロ全1...

Interview with Indians at Little India of Japan | #Mashmaru

Hi guys. In this video, I interview with the Indians at Little India of Japan called Nishi-Kasai. I asked two questions. ①What do you like about Japan? ②What do ...

Nishikasai CREW Last as 7 girls

Japanese B-girls Nishikasai CREW.

Popular Videos - Nishikasai & Tokyo

Trial video of Talking version. Nishi-Kasai is Tozai Line.

Walk around Nishikasai Station in Tokyo

Walk around Nishikasai Station in Tokyo.

BOTY TAIWAN 2018 B-GIRL 2on2 Nishikasai CREW Saika & Haruka

Nishikasai CREW.

Nishikasai CREW 2019 showcase


Nishikasai Crew appeared on school live show

December 5, 2014.

Visited Little India in Japan :)

There is a city called Nishi-Kasai and this city is called Little India in Japan as well. Because in here lots of Indians settle. There are lots of Indian curry restaurant ...

Haruka training movie Nishikasai CREW

B-Girl Haruka Nishikasai CREW.

Japan || HOLI FESTIVAL 2019 || little india/ nishi kasai

There was holi festival organised by indian comitee.this is mah first tym to play holi in japan .it was great to have time with mah fellows. Thanx for company ...

Nishikasai Diwali 2018

Also called “Chandrani Diwali” VLog : Prem.

Nishikasai CREW 2018 showcase


รีวิวที่พักโตเกียว best western tokyo nishikasai มีรถรับ-ส่งฟรีไปดิสนีย์แลนด์ และดิสนีย์ซี

อย่าลืมกดติดตามและกดกระดิ่ง เป็นกำลังใจให้แพรวด้วยน๊า คลิปใหม่ทุกสั...

Best Western Tokyo Nishikasai Grande | โรงแรมโตเกียวใกล้ Subway ฟรีรถรับส่ง Disney

ถ้าโจทย์ในการหา #ที่พักในโตเกียว ครั้งนี้คือ ไม่นอนห้องรวม งบคืนละ...

Nishikasai CREW & Reformerz Crew

In Nishikasai Junior High School.

Tokyo Holi Mela 2019 I Holi Festival in Nishi-Kasai (Japan) I

I had never thought, that I would get to experience Holi when we moved to Japan…but I was all wrong and the proof is in this video. Watch my today's video ...

B-Girl Nao - Nishikasai/Japan

Amazing powermove B-girl from Japan.

Nishikasai Crew vs Taiwan B-Boys | Challenge Jam

Subscribe to ProDanceTV right here!: Exhibition battle with Nishikasai Crew (Japan) vs Taiwan B-Boys judges showcase ...

Found nation vs Nishikasai CREW_BEST6 BATTLE_BATTLE OF THE YEAR 2015 JAPAN