Mugen Leo

Minotaur vs Leo (requested)

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Leo (Vore) vs Delga and othello (Requested)

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mugen gyaku ryona leo MIX

female on male ryona.

[MUGEN CHAR] Leo (POTS Style) by k6666orochi

YOUTUBE → TWITTER → FACEBOOK → k6666orochi's Channel →...

AC Mugen Request #1 - Zangief vs Leo

Requested by Wolf Moon Download Chars: Zangief: Leo: Download Characters and Stage Below

Midnight bliss Leo (M.U.G.E.N)

Autor: Gal129 (el char y la transformacion inicial) Autor del agarre y de la secuencia de muerte: Yo (Pyomega03) Descripcion: El leon humano Leo se transforma en una tigresa peleadora...

Seadragon MUGEN - Leo #10: Bibidi... Babidi... Oh, Poo.

What can I say, the title works... not to mention I don't want Disney on my ass. The final battle against the Z2 characters has Leo facing Bibidi. He's a sorcerer that plays a minor role in...

[MUGEN + STAGES Clásicos - Nº 20] Team Joe Higashi VERSUS Team Leo Furrikan

HOLA AMIGOS, aquí les muestro la pelea de 8 chars: 4 chars Estilo Kof versus 4 Chars de Tipo Animal. BUENO AQUI LES DEJO EL LINK DE DESCARGA que incluye los 8 chars, el stage y su respectiva...

MUGEN Char Released - Leo (CvS3/POTS style) by k6666orochi

Leo, the king of Greedia from Red Earth now in POTS style. In spite of lacking combo ability, Leo has a incredible long range attack with his sword. He also can deal a great damage by grabbing...

Game Play Saint Seiya Ulitmate Cosmo MUGEN - Leo Aioria


xGUTSx M.U.G.E.N. (Leo vs Alex) Forest Guardian

Leo[me] vs Alex Stage [Hi-Res] Forest Temple Entrance by EXShadow.

MUGEN : Red Earth Rampage - Leo vs Kenji

MUGEN 1.0 AI Match Yamadeath's Fighters Megamix Screenpack Lethal League Lifebars by DrKelexo Stage: Hybrid Nightmare by Kung Fu Man BGM: Theme of Kenji - Red Earth OST Leo by Duracelleur...

Mugen : Leo (Red Earth) Vs Spongebob (by Infrantry 000)

My Battle Stage : New York Marvel.

MUGEN Battle #32: Furry Rage!! (Den Okami and Griffon VS. Leo Furrikan and Tigst Agressi)

A video of me fighting Leo Furrikan and Tigst Agressi with Den Okami and Griffon as my support in MUGEN. Chars: Den Okami by oscar12345 (me) Griffon/Tyzoc by Mother Earth Leo Furrikan by oscar1234...

Leo (Vore) vs Lucario (Requested)

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MUGEN Kemoryona- Ra Plant Grabbing Leo

As requested by Wolf Moon, a long video of Red Earth's Leo being grabbed by vines belonging to Ra Plant. Different than I usually do, but I'm sure some will still enjoy. Point was to avoid...

DORAEMON M.U.G.E.N #06⚡Team Ultraman (Leo + Dark + Zero + A) Vs Team Naruto, Sasuke, Luffy, Songoku

Doraemon - Doremon Mới Nhất 2017 By Kuro Tv ! Kuro Tv is a children's entertainment channel Coming to Kuro Tv, babies will be able to watch funny videos and play toys with Ku Rô :) :)...

MUGEN Talbain & Leo KemoRyona by Zombies

Mugen Normal Talbain NUM.002- -Mugen Normal Leo NUM.002- KemoRyona by a lot of zombies. =P (Please No Request, No Asking.... Just watch it. =w=a)