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Moodle Mobile 3.1.2

The new version of Moodle Mobile is here! The 3.1.2 version has a range of exciting, new features; including the ability to submit assignments via the app, the addition of a rich text editor...

Moodle Adaptable Theme

Adaptable is a highly customisable theme for Moodle.

Moodle 3.1 Overview

Moodle's latest release contains plenty of useful features and improvements, including much-anticipated support for Competency Based Education (CBE). See the full list of improvements and...

How to embed H5P in Moodle

Want H5P content in your Moodle course page, and not just a link? Here's how! LINKS: Atto Plugin: Atto Plugin Discussion:

Zereginak Moodle-n

Zereginak Moodle-n sortzen ikusiko dogu.

MOODLE.......unidad N° 1...... PRIMERA PARTE

Definiciones de moodle.

Glosategia Moodle-n

Moodle-en glosategi bat nola sortu ikusiko dogu.

Galdetegiak Moodle-n

Moodle-n galdetegi bat nola sortu ikusiko dogu.

Wiriscas Moodle-n

Wiriscas-ekin kalkuluak eta adierazpen graafikoak egiten Moodle-n.

Foroak Moodle-n

Moodle-n foro bat nola sortzen den ikusiko dogu.

Testu orriak Moodle-n

Nola sortu testu orriak Moodle-n.

Katsaus Moodle 2.3:n käyttöön

Uutta Moodle 2.3:ssa: - Tiedostojen vetäminen ja pudottaminen kurssisivulle suoraan omalta tietokoneelta. - Aineiston siirtäminen kurssisivulla (vetämällä ja pudottamalla) - Aineiston...

Web orria Moodle-n

Moodle-n web orri bat nola sortu ikusiko dugu.

Fitxategietara lotura Moodle-n

Moodle-n fitxategietara lotura nola egiten den ikusiko dugu.

Drag and Drop Questions using the H5P plugin for Moodle

Drag and drop items onto a picture or diagram. Students' attempts are recorded in the Moodle gradebook. Another great mobile-friendly quiz feature now available in Moodle with the H5P plugin.

Moodle 2, tiedostojen hallintaa

Yleiskuvaus moodle 2:n tiedostojen hallinnasta.

Txat-a Moodle-n

Moodle-n txat-saio bat nola sortu ikusiko dugu.

Adventures with Moodle N Minxers: What does THIS button do??!! - Part 1

VEGAS BABY!!!...ok, not so much. Check out our behind the scenes insomnia induced randomness . Weird, whacky and a bit odd....there's never a dull moment in the Vegas burbs w/Moodle (Nessna)...

Hot Potatoes Moodle-n

Nola igo Hot Potatoes jardueran bat Moodle-ra.

Inkesta xume bat Moodle-n

Moodle-n inkesta xume bat nola sortu ikusiko dugu.

Web gune batera lotura Moodle-n

Moodle-n web gune baterako lotura nola egiten den ikusiko dugu.

Direktorioa erakutsi Moodle-n

Moodle-n, direktorioak nola erakutsi ikusiko dugu.

Moodle 2 - Blocks: Online users, People and Logged in user

These three simple blocks can give you handy information on your front page. People block works especially well when the Navigation block has been disabled, Online users can connect you with...

How to Install Moodle locally: Part 4: Creating a Database

We'll walk through setting up a MySQL database for Moodle.

Moodle : Drag 'n Drop Course Files

Learn how to drag and drop a file into a Moodle course page.