costream with loldbz on july 4th alcohol may have been involved if you like loldbz or things like this, check out the YouTube channel for Vidya Shorts!


Based on this video :

chinese 2 (Fan-Made)

I play games and do other stuff! I hope you like my channel and if you do why not subscribing? It would mean a lot to me! Also go check ou the original video ...

CHINESE Custom Hitsound | Team Fortress 2

This was just an idea from a meme that came in my head. I thought it would be funny as a hitsound and I'll admit, I was laughing a little. Download: ...



Martin Zaffran - License to Dance [OFFICIAL AUDIO]

"License to Dance", from the album Echidna: This was the eighth song I edited and mixed for the album. Samples: ...

parap power r

stolen from:

Chinese over 1,000,000 times (READ THE DESCRIPTION)

After over 3 hours of editing, Its done. The clip used in the video were not mine. The clips came from Ambassador Foxx. The creator of the popular PaRappa the ...

Speed Fighter by Masaya Matsuura Full Band FC #2014

This is a pretty cool song to start off our rb4 fbfc videos. It's relatively tricky on all instruments. I'm surprised they didn't at least chart vox as all talkies. There have ...