Heart & Soul: The Life and Music of Frank Loesser - Full Movie | Snagfilms

"Heart and Soul: The Life and Music of Frank Loesser" profiles the tough-talking, tempestuous, big-hearted musical genius who made an indelible imprint on ...

A Tribute To Frank Loesser, Up Close & Personal

Over the course of his career, Frank Loesser wrote more than 700 songs and 5 Broadway musicals and contributed music and lyrics to dozens of films, leaving ...

Frank Loesser - Baby It's Cold Outside

Here is composer Frank Loesser (1910-1969) in a duet with his wife Lynn Loesser. The couple original sang the song at Hollywood parties, before it was ...

Frank Loesser: Guys and Dolls. ALNM concert June 1, 2015


Loesser- I'll Know

Andrea van Leeuwen singing I'll know from "Guys and Dolls"

Pamela Myers sings four showstoppers by Frank Loesser

Broadway legend Pamela Myers performs four songs in celebration of Frank Loesser. Murder He Says, Never Will I Marry, Ooh My Feet, Can't Get Out Of This ...

On A Slow Boat To China by Frank Loesser.

78 RPM by Frank Loesser vocals by Art Lund with Orchestra Conducted by Johnny Thompson.

Highlights from "Guys and Dolls" - Loesser/arr. Custer

The Westside Community Band under the direction of Mr. Kenny Bierschenk performs Highlights from "Guys and Dolls" at Mount St Joseph University on October ...

If I were a bell (Frank Loesser)

Conservatoire de Nantes Heure Musicale du Jeudi 13/11/2008 Pierrick Menuau: ts / Simon Mary: b / Jean Chevalier: d / Jean-Marie Bellec: p.

Arthur Loesser in Recital (NY 1967)

Arthur Loesser (1894-1969), piano Transferred from LP published by International Piano Archives (IPA 102) in 1976 Rec. 1967-10-29 (New York's Town Hall) ...

Frank Loesser - The Inchworm

Here is Frank Loesser and his first wife Lynn singing "The Inchworm" from the 1953 movie "Hans Christian Anderson" which starred Danny Kaye.

Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat (Frank Loesser, arr. Mark Brymer)

Artist: Jurong Secondary School Choir & Punggol Secondary School Choir Video: Luther Yiew.

Sit down, you're rocking the boat (Frank Loesser, arr. Mark Brymer) - Viva Camerata

The Big Sing 2018 National Finale - Session Eight Recorded with thanks to JX-Live and RNZ Concert Musical Director: Kiewiet van Deventer Accompanist: Ruth ...

"Heart & Soul: The Life and Music of Frank Loesser" -Tease

DVD available at www.loessermovie.org. "Heart & Soul: The Life and Music of Frank Loesser" (from director Walter Gottlieb) is a PBS documentary profile of the ...

Inchworm - Jazz guitar & piano cover ( Frank Loesser )

music written by Frank Loesser - improvisation guitar & piano Yamaha CLP 270.

"Heart and Soul" by Hoagy Carmichael and Frank Loesser (Katie Morrison Cover)

BEEN A MINUTE!! Haha hey guys(: Tell me what you think! This is "Heart and Soul" by Hoagy Carmichael and Frank Loesser. Again, I don't own any rights to ...

Joni James - Sings Victor Young & Frank Loesser ( Full Album )

1. My Foolish Heart 2. I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance With You 3. Stella By Starlight 4. A Hundred Years From Today 5. Song Of Surrender 6. Everything I Do ...

Jenny Lynn Stewart sings "A Bushel and a Peck" by Frank Loesser

From her show, "Broadway: The 40's and 50's," Jenny Lynn Stewart sings "A Bushel and a Peck" from Frank Loesser's "Guys and Dolls."

Frank Loesser - Tallahassee

Here is songwriter Frank Loesser (1910-1969) singing his own composition. I like this song by Bing Crosby and The Andrews Sisters. Loesser's version was ...

Hoagy Carmichael & Frank Loesser - Heart and Soul (Remastered) (Audio) [LUCIFER - 3X23 - SOUNDTRACK]

LUCIFER OST S03E23 - "Quintessential Deckerstar" Lucifer starts to play "Heart and Soul" to get Chloe to remember when they first played it together.

Traveling Light - Frank Loesser

Michael Gaudio sings Frank Loesser's Traveling Light at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee Graduate Student Orientation. September 2018. Accompanied by ...

Frank Loesser - Baby Its Cold Outside

Frank Loesser Documentary.

Children's Song: Bushel And A Peck by Frank Loesser

Miss Nina sings Frank Loesser's classic, delightful song. Join Miss Nina in a sing-along as the words scroll along the bottom of the scree. For more on Miss NIna ...

Lucifer Soundtrack S03E23 Heart and Soul by Hoagy Carmichael & Frank Loesser

scene: Lucifer plays it lyrics: Heart and soul, I fell in love with you Heart and soul, the way a fool would do, madly Because you held me tight And stole a kiss in ...

Daughter of ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ Composer: ‘It’s Not a Date Rape Song’

Baby, It's Cold Outside” is coming under fire 74 years after the song's creation. The song is about a man trying to convince his date to stay with him a little longer, ...

Frank Loesser - The Ugly Duckling

Here is songwriter Frank Loesser (1910-1969) singing his own composition of the song "The Ugly Duckling" from 1953's "Hans Christian Anderson".

Frank Loesser on the Faye Emerson/Pepsi TV show

Frank Loesser sings fragments of of "Slow Boat to China" and "Spring Will Be a Little Late This Year"