Lizard Heel Crush

Crazy Lizard Stomp!

How are these critters getting into my place?!! Oh well, Lacy stomps this lizard dead and crushes his remains all over the floor....

Awesome candid crush candy

It's almost surreal she enjoyed crushing under her heel.

Lizard Gut Squishing

The gore is indescribable as Lacy smushes out the insides of two lizards then crushes the remains....ewwwwww!

Candid crush indeed

Same beautiful girl from the POV now I had to get the crush video, enjoy.

Candid finger then hand crush

She was on a role, enjoy ;)

accidentally killed a lizard

he ran out under my shoe and I didn't even kno til after the squish :{

High heel trample crush best!

High heel crush squash!

New purple High heels crush ready

New High heels ready for crush.

Crushing - A lagartixa

Uma intrusa em minha casa, parte II. A vez da lagartixa...

Muddy high heels

Lana makes crush and abused her sexy high heels part 1 For other 6 parts with a destruction, crush, bending, muddy, wet high heels and stocking rip contact me ...

Blue Lizard pumps worn outside and the soles separate

High heel abuse.

candid crush pink mule heels extreme slow motion

candid bug crush pink mule heels extreme slow motion new video software ..comment let me know how you like or dislike slow motion crush.

Candid crush from same beauty

Round 2 , loved it still no clue lol.

Crush fetish

I found this plastic lizard so i just had to step on it;-)

-Lizard ObessiOn-

LOL.. MiieX, Bwendann , Che*** * Lind*** "saving" a lizard from the rain & getting crushed by the sec2-sec5's.. LOL.

The World's BIGGEST Orbeez Crush Tank Challenge | Official Orbeez

Watch the colors of MILLIONS of Orbeez Crush swirl in the world's first ever and largest tank that's FILLED with Orbeez Crush! And the Orbeez Girls get to jump ...