Lizard Heel Crush

Crazy Lizard Stomp!

How are these critters getting into my place?!! Oh well, Lacy stomps this lizard dead and crushes his remains all over the floor....

Crush fetish

I found this plastic lizard so i just had to step on it;-)

Crushing - A lagartixa

Uma intrusa em minha casa, parte II. A vez da lagartixa...

Lizard Gut Squishing

The gore is indescribable as Lacy smushes out the insides of two lizards then crushes the remains....ewwwwww!

High heel trample crush best!

High heel crush squash!

Awesome candid crush candy

It's almost surreal she enjoyed crushing under her heel.

Candid bus stop crush 5

Great video made by another user that is unfortunately not accessible anymore.

Blue Lizard pumps worn outside and the soles separate

High heel abuse.

Poo trap for girls. Girls crushed fresh poo!

Fresh shit was set in high-school road. Most of the girls dodged aware of the trap. However a few girls stepped in shit hidden by fallen leaves! 1st girl stepped in?

Lizard gets crushed - [FAKE]

A lot of you guys keep saying it's real but don't worry it's fake.

unknown crush 2

This is the second one this time only two hot girl in a this time a Toyota Celica.