Koiha kitto kyuujousyou☆ 【MMD】

thanks music 恋はきっと急上昇☆ 歪音エナアレンジ isao haku ponpoko BTA kyokuhoku buryokukainyu soboro ...

【MMD】 To Raep A Provoker

Warning: May contain raep.

[MMD] OC Luranis - Happy synthesizer [Paru version male cover]

Luranis dances to Happy Synthesizer by TheParuProject He is my Original Character *proud* Song: Happy Synthesizer Original Artist: EasyPop Vocals, Mixing: ...



Haku Youwane

My first video in MMD :3 Don't judge harshly. ^.^

Naluri 『No Life Queen』 in Half-Life 2 WIP

First trial of import MMD animation into Half-Life 2.. many things need to fix up. No faceposer, No finger pose. Just basic movement. I wish i can add camera ...

▼MV#007 familiar's theme - 喉 Nodo▲

どうも、喉です。 ファミリアのテーマソングです。 □作詞、作曲、動画:喉 □絵:安座間ヤスユキ □素材:魔王魂、ニコニコモンズ □製作:GI...


哈哈哈!不愧是重音,呆起来厉害XDD ニコニコより転載(niconico video^^) :

Haku Yowane - Dear Cocoa Girls [MMD]

well hope you enjoy this mmd ^^(not own by me)

[MMD] Megu Megu Fire Endless Night [WIP]

The Saboten model is the one I used to make the model and it is tall so the motion looks wierd on Namani's model... Song: Megu Megu Fire Endless Night by ...


恋はきっと急上昇☆鋼琴板試作....... 目前還沒有加入力度...以及調音純粹測試....

Coco san needs glasses

I don't own mmd or the models! just the video. Please Enjoy! I hope you like it!

[MMD] Bunneh Lolita Rin//Greed's Accident

DISCLAIMER: i own nothing in this video. Aweh, isn't that model adorable :3 Enjoy!

[MMD] Nitori ~Surprize guest~

hehe who's the special guest? o.O watch the end of video to find out :3 model rigged by me ^^