Organic Leisure Farm.

KOREF ECO FARM Christmas 2014

KOREF ECO FARM Christmas 2014 - 刘文正-童年.


2015 Nan Chiau High School Sec 3 Leaders @ KOREF Camp run by EDUOutdoor Activities Pte Ltd Video & Safety Coverage by eXiLe Solutions Pte Ltd.

健康奥秘乐活营 LOHAS Camp at KOREF 2015

《健康奥秘乐活营》 在加亨有机稻米生态休闲农场和家人朋友一起排毒,体验身心健康。 LOHAS Camp at KOREF (Kahang Organic Rice Eco Farm), detox our body with...

Koref Eco Farm Resort 2014

experiencing eco, nature & the wild!


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Koref Farm - Kluang, Johor, Malaysia

13 Dec 2016 @ KOREF Eco Farm Resort Kluang, Johor, Malaysia Please [Subscribe] to be notified of new uploads: Travel: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAR-LsBt38lxZaNa-XhlEfLJx01SpF-Fh...

1. Jungle Trekking & Arrival @ KOREF | Sec 3 Camp 2015

Video snippets of the Sec 3 Overseas Cohort Camp @ KOREF! 7 Jan - 9 Jan 2015.

LOHAS Camp Interview : Mr Tam, KOREF FOUNDER

Mr Tam Interview.

Koref farm 2015

It's god's grace that gather us all together here. A place close to the natural, place to rest your mind. And finally thanks everyone for the big smile.

O Fortuna (Carmina Burana) Dr. Ernst Koref Schule M classe prof. Isabelle Letzbor 22.06.2017

Moja druga predstava Dr. Ernst Koref Schule 1,2,3,4 M misic classe profesor: Isabelle Letzbor.

Kahang Organic Rice Eco Farm, Kluang

KOREF, an oraganic rice farm located in Kahang, a small town towards the east of Kluang. In the midst of paddy field, this lovely fun-filled organic farm resorts welcome us. We happened to...

Maria durch ein Dornwald ging for solo Piano (arranged & played by Andreas Thaller)

This a famous Germanic Christmas tune. Arranged and played by Andreas Thaller. About Andreas Thaller: Musical education at the Linz music secondary school and the Bruckner conservatory, where...

KOREF Malaysia Camp

KOREF Malaysia Camp!!! A camp at the Malaysia's only organic farm especially rice! It's amazing view stuns me as it is really natural. Good thing is that, everything in there are natural like...

Manbats Limited

A small factory of table tennis bats manufactures bats especially for men. The bats have a manly quality, and are organic. Thank you KOREF, Kahang Organic Rice Eco Farm in Malaysia, as well...

Traumreise crimic

Eine Strassenbahnfahrt nach Traun bei linz wird zur Traumreise (2.Preis Kurzvideowettbewerb Dr.Ernst Koref Stiftung)

Sportlich an andere Kinder denken

Die 270 Schülerinnen und Schüler der NMS 22 liefen am 31. Mai für den guten Zweck. Die gesamte Schule nahm nämlich an der Aktion "Kinder laufen für Kinder" teil. Für jede gelaufene Runde...

"Kahang Organic Rice Eco Farm (Koref)",Kluang

Video Documentary for Subject MALB113 (Bahasa Melayu Korporat) Universiti Tenaga Nasional,Bangi By Loshani,Tee,Amira,Sharannia,Shamala and Arrchanna.

3. SUN, MUD & FUN | Sec 3 Camp 2015

Lo and behold the final video in the KOREF CAMP series :D Apologies for the (super)late upload but better late than never! Thank you for watching! Comment, like and subscribe k.


Ethem Sagyeder hat im Rahmen der Nachmittagsbetreuung an der NMS 22 Linz dieses Video aus verschiedenen Sketches zusammen gestellt.

Koref Padi Farm Timelapse video

This is a time-lapse photography of the Koref Organic Padi Farm in Kahang, Malaysia. We visit the various culture, places of interest, people and activities of Koref Padi Farm. This is a...