Kitana Inflation

MKP 2.9 Kitana Inflations

compilation of Darkburster1 "Inflatalities" on Kitana in mkp 2.9.

The Edenian Balloons

Kitana's "Edenian Balloon" Fatality on lots of characters! Puff kiss inflation + the effects of her kiss of death X 3! Prepare to burst!

More inflations MKP

these were requested so here they are, Jade mk2 and mk3 inflating in various ways, and some of the kitana/li mei inflations in thier original colors. :)

MKP Inflation edits 2-24-18

just some recent updates. also threw in some other video footage of things like "cyber slime" and what not. I think the next video will focus on MK2 kitana/jade ...

Kitana's bubble blow fatality

custom kitana bubble kiss of death fatality.

Asuka Inflation Barefoot- mugen

someone recently used my old asuka sprites to make her a chatacter, so i did up some inflation sprites for her tonight and these were the fatalites i can have go ...

Dota 2 Inflation - A Horribly Inflated Economy

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

X-ray Attack: Kitana vs Shiranui! In honor of the upcoming Mortal Kombat 9, Princess Kitana engages newcomer Shiranui in...umm...mortal combat. Featuring the ...

Kiss of slow Death

Characters for MKP game: (check all folders inside to find the extra characters) ...

MKP- Kitana Balloon (WIP)

The new outfit is a work in progress, but yo- new inflation animation ready!

Unlucky Charms- Edit: Sheila Explodes!

edited inflation scene from movie unlucky charms, there were no other scenes of inflation from that movie, and i threw in the popping at the end using mkda ...

MKP 2.9 more Darkburster1 stuff

just some more from the latest work, updated inflations, sounds etc. threw in a bunch of characters in this one to share the pain around lol.

Nami vs Ruby: The Kiss!

just a little fun i had. Uploading a textless version as well... Ruby's Kiss of death!

Mortal Kombat Komplete Mods Princess Peach Kitana

More Mortal Kombat Videos This mod is made by ArRoW! Mortal ...

More Slime

Characters for MKP game: (check all folders inside to find the extra characters) ...

Mortal Kombat 2 Kitana Gameplay Playthrough

Full walkthrough of the arcade version of Mortal Kombat 2 with Kitana.

Mortal Kombat - Rain - Bubble Burst (Women Version)

Suddenly, Rain's become my favorite MK character. XD Bubble Burst done to the women on the roster. Worry not, I'm in the middle of making a Men Version as ...

Edenian Balloon! -HD-

added extra sounds, zoomed camera shots :) Nami succumbs to Kitana's Deadly Edenian Balloon Kiss! Her belly balloons until her bellybutton pops out!

MKII Kitana's Kiss of Death Montage

Kitana's Kiss of Death performed by Kitana, Mileena, Jade, and custom NPC.

MK9 Rain's Bubble Burst (All Female + 2nd Player Color) UPDATE

Rain's Fatality on all female combatants in Mortal Kombat (9) with all alternative outfits, 2nd player coloring scheme, and dlc characters.

Kitana Brutality "Back That Up" (Bootality) Mortal Kombat X

Here's is Kitana's brutality "Back That Up" where she basically explodes your face with her ass. Let me know if you want to see more brutalities! To unlock this, go ...

Kitana kiss of death backfired

Katana tries to use her Kiss of death move but somehow Mileena knew that move uses against her. If you enjoyed this video click on that subscribe button for ...

Kitana's Kiss of Death- final update

Fixed the sounds one more time, triple inflation deadly allaince style.

Mkp 2.9 Kitana 4th fatality: "Edenian Balloon"

Kitana literally blows her victim up like a balloon, and her deadly kiss ensures that they'll soon painfully explode as they strain to inflate after being blown up ...

Li Mei inflations

Li Mei inflates in multiple ways til she explodes...!