Killua X Gon Lemon

Doujinshi Gon x Killua Kyou Ga Owaru Tokini (Hunter x Hunter) ESPAÑOL (LEMON!!!)

Hola! este es el primer doujinshi que subo -w- y es justo de mi anime favorito ♥ Bueno aqui la información: El anime es Hunter x Hunter, el doujinshi es del ...

Hunter x Hunter- KilluaxGon kiss to kiss (eng)

I don't own the manga or the music. I just want to share this. I already watch this in youtube but when I was looking for it again it was already gone.

Hunter x Hunter- Gon x Killua - Killua-kun, heeere!! (english)

Killua drink unknown substance that turn him into a little kid... This is just a FANMADE manga.. it never happen it original anime or manga I don't own the manga ...

KilluGon Doujinshi – Madoromi ni Ukasare [ENG] ( Gon x Killua )

Anime: Hunter x Hunter Title: Madoromi ni Ukasare Paring: Gon x Killua Language: English Artist/Circle: Fukahire Music : BIGBANG – Blue All credit goes to their ...

Doujinshi HunterXHunter [killua X Gon] Gakkou esp

aca dejando otro dj x3 muy corto D: ja adoro a killua °¬° paso contar q esto mu happy! t preguntas porq?! pues porque ahy vacantes en la escuela donde quiero ...

[ +18 Killugon ] or nah?

HD & Warning for lots of strong yaoi. NSFW/Explicit. Watch at your own discretion xD Kind of sloppy but wow, I haven't finished an actual video this quick in half a ...

killuaxgon yaoi "gon juegas conmigo" (hunterxhunte

este es mi primer video el manga no me pertenece yo solo ise el video.

KilluGon Doujinshi – Shiranai Azayaka [ENG] (Gon x Killua)

Anime: Hunter x Hunter Title: An unknown Brilliance Paring: Gon Freecss x Killua Zoldik Language: English Artist/ Circle: Fukahire/ Hekiru Music: Distrion ...

Hunter x Hunter Gon x Killua Yaoi Tribute

EDIT: HOLY SHIT 1337 VIEWS AND 24 LIKES?! HOLLYY MOTHER FUCKING HECK XD THANK YOU XD Ohayo its me again!~ I shipped this couple so hard so ...

Alluka kisses Killua! :3 ♥♥

You can watch this anime FREE on crunchyroll!

My YAOI!! Ships(Anime version)

Don't criticize I DO NOT OWN ANIME OR ART WORK. And i do have more then these that i forgot to add on here. Hinata x Kageyama Miyuki X Sawamura ...

HxH (Hunter x Hunter) Doujinshi No tenemos limites (version mejorada) Gon x Killua

KilluGon Doujinshi – Bokutachi Otoko no Ko [ENG] (Gon x Killua)

Anime: Hunter x Hunter Title: We are Boys Paring: Kirua x Gon Language: English Circle: C-ute! / Sitri Music: BIGBANG - ALIVE 2012 COMEBACK (teaser) All ...

Official Kiss Killua/Gon

Extra from Chapter 43 Hunter X Hunter 2011 Killua kiss Gon.

HunterxHunter - Doujinshi - Kiss to Kiss (Español)

KilluGon impossible (Yaoi Alert)

Anime: Hunter x Hunter.

Killua x Gon [I wont give up]

WARNING: SPOILER i only used 3 layers wtf but all the well im done! this took me 8 hours to do XD yeah....sorry if the song hurt your ears. i know it was way too ...

Mini doujinshis YAOI (Hunter x Hunter)

He aqui un nuevo video YAOI Es solo un mini doujin Killua x Gon los demas son Hisoka x Gon Les dire las parejas y los personajes segun cada doujin: ...

Reader X Hunter X Hunter: Gon's Big Day

Can be read here:

Hisoka x Illumi~Cat & Fox

Credits to the owner-Ninguna de las imagines aqui me pertenece o incluso las canciones :) Espero lo disfruten!!! Enjoy!!! :D.

Gon x Killua x Kurapika x Leorio x Hisoka x Kuroro

Il mio primo video di hunter x hunter, e in versione yaoi quindi ancora più bello!!! Amo troppo questo anime, e sono così teneri in versione "amoreggiante" xD.

Hisoka lemon & Killua pear Drawings (Hunter X Hunter)

Funny drawings of Hisoka and Killua from the anime Hunter X Hunter, merged with fruits. Killua is merged with a pear and Hisoka with a lemon. I created them ...

killua x gon - (amv Yaoi) por ti podria morir! ❤

El cariño de killua hacia gon :3 Resubido :v.

hunter x hunter yaoi!!!

I WARN YOU NOW, THIS IS A YAOI FAN-MADE VID, IF YOU NO LIKIE GUY X GUY, PLEASE MOVE ON...XD!! (or at lease, kura x leo, killu x gon) Please rate ...