Kats Hacks Uncensored

Kat's Hacks Instax Mini 8 unboxing

Hey guys! So nice to be back after a long time. I'm sorry for that, but I really had to figure out how to get back online after my two channels were sort of hacked.

Kat's Hacks UE Boom Part 1

Hey guys, I'm back with a new gadget unboxing & review video. But first let me tell you one thing: You guys (and I mean girls too...) rock!! I've received so many ...

Kat's Hacks Sony Lens unobxing

Hello again and welcome to another quick unboxing session. Today it's all about my new favourite lens for my Sony A7S full frame beast: The new Sony FE ...

Kat's Hacks AirPods Part 2

Hey guys, I'm back with a brandnew product unboxing and review. I was really lucky and got a pair of Apple AirPods. They are pretty hard to get at the moment.

Kat's Hacks E02 iPhone 7 (part 1)

Hi guys, it's me again, your Chief Executive Nerd. I've got a surprise for you: A brand new iPhone 7 that I just picked up at the store. In this video I'm going to talk.

Kat's Hacks mobile printer Outtakes

Enjoy the outtakes from my Polaroid mobile printer shoot ;-)

Kat's Hacks UE Boom Part 2

Hey guys, I'm back with a new gadget unboxing & review video. The summer lasted quite long here in the meditarrean sea, so I've decided to have a little pool ...

Bed Tutorials are important

If you like what I do, you can pledge your support at https://www.patreon.com/fullmetalifrit you can also donate to https://streamlabs.com/bikiniifrit Ifrit's Wish List ...

Kat's Hacks iPhone 7 Part 2 (censored)

Sorry I've kept you waiting for so long, guys. But I had to censor this part 2 of my iPhone 7 unboxing and test a little, before I was allowed to upload it again.

Kats Hacks Instax Mini 8 Part 2

Hey guys, enjoy my part 2 of the Instax Mini 8 review! And make sure to visit my official website katshacks.tv or my new vimeo channel vimeo.com/katshacks.

Kat's Hacks Instax Mini 8 Outtakes

Have fun with the outtakes from my Instax shoot ;-) And please check my official site katshacks.tv Thanks!!

Kat's Hacks GoPro Hero 5 Outtakes

Did you miss me? Well, I'm still here, guys. Have fun with the silly outtakes from my GoPro Hero 5 unboxing... Also check out the other clips on katshacks.tv and ...

VAGINA HACKS! | Katja Krasavice

KLICKE UM MEHR ZU SEHEN :P Abonnieren damit ihr nichts verpasst - http://bit.ly/ZxAwh0 Folgt mir auf meinen anderen Profilen :P SNAPCHAT: ...

iPhone 7 The Outtakes

Have fun with the outtakes from my iPhone 7 shoot! :-)

Kat's hacks E01 Sony RX100 IV tutorial

Hi guys! In the first episode of Kat's Hacks I'm going to teach you how to take stunning pics with blurred background using only a small point-and-shoot camera.

The other side of Kat: Dunes

Hi guys it's your one and only Kat :-) Today I have something special for you. I've been asked a lot wether I only do Kat's Hacks or other videos as well. And I'm ...

NEW: Drops Of Silence (Teaser)

The Other Side of Kat: The teaser clip for a brand new video by erelle films and Talia Mint. A slow motion production in the rain.

Kat's Hacks UE Boom Outtakes

I can definitely laugh about myself, so you should have the opportunity too ;-) Have fun with this outtakes from my UE Boom shoot!

Kat's Hacks S2 Trailer

Hey guys, thank you all for your support over the past year. There's been a lot of confusion about where to find my uncensored videos. Sorry about that! It had to ...

Kat's Hacks VR glasses Outtakes

What would an original Kat's Hacks series be without the outtakes? Here we go!

The Kool Kats: Uncut, Uncensored, Unscripted

The Kool Kat protagonists partake in the final video of the Kool Kat trilogy where they bother the citizens of Alliance.