Justine Damond

Justine Damond Ruszczyk: Why was an Australian woman shot dead by police in Minneapolis?

Sydney woman Justine Damond Ruszczyk was living in Minneapolis and weeks away from her wedding when she was shot dead by a US police officer in shocking circumstances that are yet to be explained....

Listen to Police Dispatcher Call Made Moments Before Yoga Teacher Killed

A recording from police dispatchers about Justine Damond has been released. Damond was shot by police minutes after she reported an assault in an alleyway next to her home in Minneapolis. After...

Who is Justine Damond?

Justine Damond was a 40-year-old Australian woman. Officer Mohamed Noor fatally shot Damond in Minneapolis. The circumstances leading up to her death officially remain a mystery. The death...

Minneapolis police chief: Justine Damond didn't have to die

Chief Janee Harteau is not standing behind Officer Mohammed Noor; Mike Tobin reports from Chicago.

Outrage over deadly police shooting of bride-to-be in Minneapolis

Australia native Justine Damond was shot and killed by police after calling 911 to report a possible assault behind her home.

Vigil Held For Justine Damond | NBC News

Friends and family gathered for a vigil in memory of Justine Damond who was shot and killed by a Minneapolis police officer. » Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC » Watch...

New details in the shooting death of Justine Damond

Cops may have been startled by fireworks, both officers are on leave.

Justine Damond didn't have to die, says resigned Minneapolis police chief

There was no indication that there would be an issue with the Minneapolis police officer involved in the fatal shooting of Australian Justine Damond on July 15. Officer Mohamed Noor underwent...

Minneapolis Officials Speak About Death Of Australian Bride-To-Be | NBC News

Officials in Minneapolis discuss the death of Justine Damond was fatally shot by a Minneapolis police officer. » Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC » Watch more NBC video:...

Fiance of Minneapolis Yoga Teacher Demands Answers After Cop Fatally Shoots Her

The fiance of the Minneapolis yoga teacher who was shot dead by a police officer over the weekend is demanding answers. Don Damond, who was set to marry Sydney, Australia, native Justine Ruszczyk...

911 transcript released in police shooting of bride-to-be

Matthew Harrity, one of the two Minneapolis police officers who responded to a 911 call made by Justine Damond, told a local news station he was "stunned" when his partner opened fire on Damond....

Cop 'Startled' When Shooting Justine Damond

Authorities say the police officer who shot Justine Damond was stated by a loud noise. Ana Kasparian and Brett Erlich, the hosts of The Young Turks, break down what happened. Tell us what you...

Police Chief Resigns After Justine Damond Shooting

The police chief of Minneapolis has stepped down. Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, and Mark Thompson, the hosts of The Young Turks, tell you why she resigned. Tell us what you think in the comment...

911 Transcripts Reveal More Details In Justine Damond Shooting

We have more information tonight on what happened in the final hour of Justine Damond's life, Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield reports (2:52). WCCO 4 News at 6 - July 19, 2017.

Grieving Dad Demands 'Light Of Justice' In Killing Of Australian Woman | NBC Nightly News

As Justine Damond's father emotionally called for answers in the death of his daughter, investigators still have given no explanation as to why she was shot by an officer responding to her...

Family of Justine Damond concerned about investigation

Reading a statement to media in Sydney, Damond's father says her family was deeply concerned about the possibility the initial investigation was not done properly. http://kare11.tv/2Bp05Jb.

Australia Calls Justine Damond's Shooting by Minneapolis Police an "AMERICAN NIGHTMARE"

Half a world from where an Australian woman was shot dead by a Minneapolis police officer, Tuesday's front-page headline in her hometown Sydney newspaper summarized Australia's reaction in...

USA: Protest gegen Tötung von Justine Damond durch Polizei

Hunderte Menschen marschierten durch das Zentrum der US-amerikanischen Stadt Minneapolis, um gegen die Tötung von Justine Damond durch die Polizei zu protestieren. Die Demonstration fand...

BTN11: Breaking down the Justine Damond shooting

BTN11: Breaking down the Justine Damond shooting . She called 911 and was shot by responding police officer. http://kare11.tv/2usAHxl.

Police Shoot Yoga Teacher In Pajamas

She called the police to report a possible assault. Now she's dead. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, give you the details. Tell us what you think in the comment...

Police trainer weighs in on Justine Damond 911 call transcripts

Retired Minneapolis officer and current police trainer Michael Quinn looks through the transcript of the Justine Damond 911 call. http://kare11.tv/2u9756e.

Justine Damond public memorial

A public memorial service has been scheduled for Justine Ruszczyk Damond, the woman who was shot and killed by a Minneapolis police officer. http://kare11.tv/2eSizHm.

Search Warrants Reveal New Details In Justine Damond's Death

Two search warrants reveal new details in the police shooting death of Justine Damond, Esme Murphy reports (2:44). WCCO 4 News at 6 - July 25, 2017.

Community mourns Justine Damond shot and killed by Mpls. police

Hundreds of friends and neighbors gathered in south Minneapolis Sunday night to hold a vigil for the woman fatally shot by Minneapolis police. http://kare11.tv/2usAHxl.

The latest on the shooting death of Justine Damond

The woman killed was identified by family, friends and clients as 40-year-old Justine Damond, a spiritual healer from Australia, who was also a bride-to-be. http://kare11.tv/2u1M7Wz.

Justine Damond "didn't have to die," Minneapolis police chief says

Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau spoke for the first time Thursday about the weekend shooting of an unarmed woman by a police officer. Jamie Yuccas has more. Subscribe to the "CBS Evening...

Gov. Dayton On Justine Damond Shooting - Full Q & A

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton is asked about Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor shooting and killing Justine Damond. Noor and his partner were wearing body cams but neither recorded...