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[JT8.8-Lakeville] Not your typical credit farming game....

Hello again guys! This time I just have a JT8.8 game, in which you can apreciate both the strenghts, the weaknesses and the incredible credit farming ability.

FT-8, The New HF/6m Digital Mode, Introduction For Beginners

Here is a new digital mode that comes to you from the makers of JT-9 and JT-65.. Called FT-8 (Franke-Taylor design, 8FSK modulation). A weak signal mode ...

JT'8 - Op Block Tour #Hollyst [Music Video] @JT_Exght

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World of Tanks - Live: Farmen und Flamen mit dem JT8.8 [ deutsch | gameplay ]

World of Tanks (WoT) Gameplay mit Mootality - German Wir fahren unseren Miniaturjagdtiger und werden direkt beschimpft. Also alles richtig gemacht?

Samsung Galaxy J8 Unboxing & Overview with Camera Samples

Samsung Galaxy J8 unboxing and overview including camera samples the J8 is powered by Snapdragon 450 SOC and comes with 6" SAMOLED Screen it has ...

JT8,8 6040WN8

A game in the JT 8.8. The game ends with me earning High Caliber, TG and a WN8 of 6040. Did a total of 3338 dmg and got 6 kills. Enjoy, leave comments.

FT8 demo - new WSJT-X mode

FT8 demo - 15 second intervals + auto sequencing.

Samsung Galaxy 8

Samsung Galaxy 8! and yes, without the "S"! WIN AN AMAZON 300$ Gift Card: http://bit.ly/2fQO800 WIN A New APPLE IPHONE 7: http://bit.ly/2fDmg1V New ...

jt8.8 4 Kills 4k damage

4 kill 4k damage and I failed my team. For any question in this video clip Facebook. Warp103 Facebook: Warp103 https://www.facebook.com/Warp103 ...

IS-6 és JT 8,8 bemutató/csata

IS-6 ÉS JTiger 8,8 prémium tankok bemutatása.

FT8- WSJT-X for newbies- new digital ham radio mode

TelescopeMan does a quick demo of the WSJT-X software for beginners. Sorry for the echo that occurred during the video it only lasts about 10 seconds.

S1N1 - Live stream World of tanks - The Berlin Quartet plus JT8.8 - my opinion

Check on Berlin quartet and J.T. 8.8. Are they still relevant? what are my thoughts? would i get any of them? watch and you'll find the answers.


bahan : - triplek 18mm 10 lembar. - ukuran box ikut si pemesan. - baut habis 1300 biji. - lem 2 pcs. - dikerjakan 2 orang selama 10 hari. - dll. dan seterusnya.

Icom 7300 FT-8 Settings (WSJT-X and Radio)

A short video showing the radio and software (WSJT-X) settings necessary to operate FT-8 on the Icom IC-7300. In this video I am using WSJTX version 1.8.0 ...


Au sommaire de ce huitième numéro de votre JT mensuel : ITW de Maryllis Macé sur le projet d'aménagement du quartier de l'hôpital, un premier épisode sur la ...

JT8 - Remise des prix & Best of | 4L Trophy 2019

Clap de fin pour le #4LTrophy2019, découvrez l'ultime JT de l'aventure. Pour l'occasion, revivez le climax et les meilleurs moments de l'aventure 2019 ! BRAVO ...

JT 8 - Etape Marathon | Raid 4L Trophy 2018

2 jours en autonomùie dans le désert marocain, les trophistes vont devoir faire preuve d'entraide et de partage. Un dépaysement total, des paysages et des ...

Everybody's Trying the New FT8! (#104)

FT8 is the newest weak-signal mode from Joe Taylor, K1JT, and friends. It operates very much like JT65 but is four times faster and more automated. Learn a ...

WSJT X FT8 The Easy Way with the Icom 7300

For beginners or people who don't want the work of integrating JTAlert and/or QSORelay and a logbook. The easiest way to make FT8 contacts. In this video I ...

NEW Mode FT8 Icom 7300 WSJT X And JTAlert Settings

If you have the Icom 7300 and you want to use FT8, this is the video for you. I'm using two cables. One CI-V and one USB. In this video: Icom 7300 settings, AGC, ...

J.T. 8 8 "Easy Money"

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