Jt8 D

Pratt Whitney JT8-D

Run up of a pratt whitney jt8d from when I was in AP school, this standard engine used on the Boeing 727. Also, this was recorded around early 2010, when ...

Pratt & Whitney JT8D Vs. Rolls Royce BR-715 Engine Sound Battle!

YOU DECIDE! JT8D or BR715 which do you like better. If unsure the JT8Ds belong to the MD-80 and the BR 715s on the B717.

STUNNING JT8D Sound! Delta Airlines MD-88 POWERFUL takeoff in Charlotte (DL2251)

Thanks for watching! Watch in 1080p Full HD! Subscribe! =) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...

Boeing 737-200 ADV Take Off at Airport Bern-Belp - JT8D Engine Sounds

Boeing 737-200 / 737-2V6 Advanced takes off at the Airport Bern-Belp in Switzerland. It is a privately owned aircraft with registration marks VP-CAQ. Listen to ...


FedEx Boeing 727 JT8D Jet Engine Removal

FedEx mechanics remove jet engines from the Boeing 727 freighter donated to Kansas City International Airport by FedEx. The right engine will be donated to ...



Private Boeing 727 LOUD!! takeoff at Zurich Airport (JT8D sound) - 17/03/2015

Malibu Consulting Corporation :: Boeing 727-21 :: VP-BAP ---------- Very noisy departure on runway 28 at Zurich Airport - this aircraft was built in 1967, but it has ...

RARE! Boeing 737-200 Take-Off at Bern (July 2011) - Great JT8D Sound

A blast from the past! A special video from the archives to celebrate the nearly reached 10 Mio views :) This classic Boeing 737-200 N912NB is seen taking-off at ...

[Old-Film] [Boeing 737-200] JT8D-17 sound

Boeing 737-200 Series at Okayama Airport 1991 winter.

Close up to the JT8D Engines

I decided to film this purely for the amazing sounds. Wish I could have got the takeoff action, but it just couldn't happen. Hope ya enjoy the sounds! This was shot ...

Pratt & Whitney JT8 D-15 Turbo-Jet-Engine

This is the inner life of a disused housing-stripped and plexiglass-wrapped "Pratt & Whitney JT8 D-15" dual-rotor turbo-jet-engine which was installed on Boeing ...

27 Year old MD-82 leaving Zurich with amazing sound! (JT8D Engines)

Watch Bulgaria Air Charter's McDonnell-Douglas MD-82 leaving Zurich Airport on its way to Varna. The aircraft was built in 1991 and goes still strong!

Bahamasair Boeing 737-200 Takeoff from Ft. Lauderdale on 27R (Loud JT8D Engines)

Boeing 737-200 of Bahamasair rockets out of Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood Int'l airport with some loud and smokey classic JT8D engines. I love the cigar-shaped ...

STUNNING JT8D Engine Noise, LASER Airlines MD-82 YV3244 Loud and steep takeoff from RWY 11 at Aruba

Beautiful sound and view of this LASER Airline MD-82 taking off from RWY 11 at Reina Beatrix Airport.

Best JT8D Sound Ever?! Stunning AA MD83 Takeoff from LAS!

The first video on my new channel! The other videos will be moved here throughout the week. I'm going to re edit the Infinite Flight one though. But just stick with ...

Transferring a JT8D jet engine to a transport stand - time lapse

New York JFK STUNNING Delta MD-88 Landing with GREAT JT8D engine screams! [AirClips]

The development of MD-80 series began in the 1970s as a lengthened, growth version of the DC-9-50, with a higher maximum take-off weight (MTOW) and a ...

Pratt & Whitney JT8D-7B Engine Fan Blade Unboxing

This aircraft was said to be from a 727, 200 or 100 I'm not sure. In this video you can see it pretty dirty but after about 4 hours of constant sanding and polishing it ...

Douglas DC-9-51 JT8D-17 Engine Startup

Delta Airlines DC-9-51 starting up for a flight from Detroit to Kansas City on N765NC.

Pratt And Whtney JT8D Engine

I made this video to prove to people that it doesn't matter if its a Learjet or not. The aircraft uses "Clam Shell Thrust Reversers." This video-pics is from the Asian ...

Amazing JT8D-15 Spool up sound! Estelar Airlines Boeing 737-200 YV2722 MAR-AUA part 3, Takeoff

Watch in Full HD! Seat 3A on a 1988 Boeing 737-200.


This is a video I produced for Pratt & Whitney that depicted the first flight of a B707 with 4 newly designed JT8D-219 engines mounted. They were partnering with ...

How to install a nose dome on jt8d-15a axial flow turbine engine

Installing engine tachometer generator 1 & nose dome of turbine engine.