MALE- acheté chez ABYSSE a champigny en Juillet 2011.


This is the Episode 19 of my profile series. I hope you enjoy learning about these incredible fish as I share my research with you. I will continue to post a new ...

reproduction Melanochromis johannii

ponte de Melanochromis johannii

Melanochromis Johannii

La mia femmian wild insegue i due avannotti maschi di 4 cm.

Melanochromis Johannii

La femmina spadroneggia ancora.

ciclídeo africano Pseudotropheus johannii

Dá série ciclídeos africanos Pseudotropheus johannii Biótopo: Lago Malawi - Mbunas Distribuição Geográfica / População: É encontrado na zona este do lago ...

Melanochromis "Johannii"

The Electric Blue Johanni Melanochromis johannii (previously Pseudotropheus johannii) was described by Eccles in 1973. This species is listed on the IUCN ...

Melanochromis johannii (Pseudotropheus johannii, Меланохромис Йохани)

Melanochromis johannii, Pseudotropheus johannii, Electric Blue Johannii, Johanni Cichlid, Blue Johanni, Bluegray Mbuna, Blue Mbuna. The coloring of both ...

Melanochromis johannii (Eccles, 1973) HD - Cichlidés cobalt - Expo-Zoo - 10/2014

Melanochromis johannii (Eccles, 1973) HD - "Pseudotropheus" johannii - Cichlidés cobalt, bluegray mbuna, electric blue johanni - Salon Animal Expo 2014 ...

Pseudotropheus johannii Gome F0 ( HD 720p ) / WF / Visite chez Neotropic / Raphael Mbunas

The best of Johann Strauss II

If you enjoyed the best of Strauss II, you may also enjoy the best of these composers on my other channel. The Best of Dvořák ...

75 Gallon African Cichlid Aquarium - Melanochromis Johannii

My male melanochromis johannii freaks out after adding a juvenile male Sciaenochromis Fryeri (electric blue hap) to the tank...he eventually calmed down about ...

Melanochromis Johannii Gome

Groupe de 10 individus à Vendre( 20€ les 10)

Labidochromis hongi & melanochromis johannii

Barek ;-)

Pseudotropheus johannii (formerly classified as Melanochromis) breeding

My Male Melanochromis Johannii

Melanochromis Johanni is an elongated Cichlid with an arched forehead — a 'typical' mbuna body shape and is found in rocky areas between large boulders.

Strauss, Johann II | Tritsch-Tratsch Polka

J. Strauss II | Tritsch-Tratsch Polka Bilkent Symphony Orchestra Işın Metin, conductor J. Strauss II | "Tritsch-Tratsch" Polka, Op.214 New Year's Concert | 29 ...

Melanochromis johanni johannii builds up a nest

Melanchromis johanni well digging.

Melanochromis johannii - young fish

plus some Labidochromis nkhomo reef.