Jai Oosanbashi

FRVI: iamchris4life vs. Jai--Oosanbashi 99.54% 97.67%

I went the fuck in on those ghost steps near the beginning.

Pop'n Music 12 - Oosanbashi (Mokai's Edit)

Recorded from Pop'n Music 12 Training mode. Know the name of this song? PLEASE let me know! If this sparks your interest in Pop'n Music, please be sure to ...

[Kings of the Coast 6] LockedIn vs JOKR - Oosanbashi [11] (ITG)

Left Side: LockedIn Right Side: JOKR Winner: LockedIn Matt Magdon ran the ITG Tournament. It was a standard double elimination bracket with a one song ...

Oosanbashi 11ex 99.64%

Pad score. Love the chart, Charles.

Stepmania - Oosanbashi

Oosanbashi Ucchies Challenge 12 (toph)

大桟橋 (台北橋 Ver.)


Central Pine's T-DEMAND Lexus GS Demo Car

A quick look into the Central Pine 3 GS and how its sitting so low! CentralPine/T-Demand Demo car testing out the new Spec DPR ProDampers 80kspec with ...

Lexus of Westminster Car Meet 2014 1080p HD

Lexus car meet was held on Lexus of Westminster! Hope you guys enjoy the cars and modifications! Stay tuned for more awesome meets down the line! :)

LEXUS Meet in Osanbashi

LEXUS IS GS Slammed VIPカー 車高短 Canon EOS Kiss X6i.

The Hikawamaru and Yodobashi - Yokohama - Japan

This video documents a day in Yokohama city in Japan where I visited the Hikawamaru ship with my family in the morning and then met my sister for a spin in ...

DDRfreak457 plays Oosanbashi

Nicx has fun while i play Oosanbashi.

ITG - Oosanbashi (Star Fail)

This chart is so much fun, seriously. Sadly, I suck at it.

MegamanX vs Little Matt - Oosanbashi (Iroha chou)

Tropical Fun Zone 1: Monaca, PA May 28th 2011.

Oosanbashi Redux

As shocking as this is, I won a copy of IIDX RED with this video. Yeah, I don't get it either.

FRVII Finals - Devon vs. Chris (Oosanbashi)

Last song of the tournament ! ! ! !

Stepmania: Toph's Oosanbashi 99.55% (New Keyboard!)

My first recorded SDP would be dedicated to Samurai7694 since he was the one who advised me to get this awesome keyboard in the first place. Probably my ...

The Oregon Trail by Budda, Zac, Devon, Billy, and Matt

STMHS project on the oregon trial.

Nonstop 170 megamix

I hope you like this Unofficial NONSTOP MEGAMIX edited by me (vallarta18), the movie was a part of my stepmania, thanks konami, and thanks fans from ...

Oosanbashi - SOLO - AA 98.197% - werdwerdus stepmania PSBP

Oosanbashi played by me, werdwerdus. Steps by Roar, found in Patashu Solo Beginner Pack. I have modified the default ssc theme as you see, mainly the ...

oosanbashi 1.5 aaa

a lot of shitty perfects on that one jack -- Watch live at http://www.twitch.tv/scwolf.

Ucchies - Oosanbashi, 84-168BPM. Genre, Japan ^^ IIDX11 RED ^^ 【BMS】

Welcome to the BMSworld.nz BMS Database! On this channel you will find classic Beatmania series including Beatmania 1st mix, plenty of custom BMS series, ...

Lexus LFA - cruising with it after meet

Black Lexus LFA after the Club Lexus meet, saw the LFA and cruised with him for 35min. (Btw: that down-shifting that you hear is actually my car.)

FRVI: iamchris4life vs. Jai--We Met Dat Night 98.69% 97.84%

[Kings of the Coast 6] LockedIn vs JOKR - Exciting Hyper Highspeed Star [14] (ITG)

Left Side: LockedIn Right Side: JOKR Winner: LockedIn Matt Magdon ran the ITG Tournament. It was a standard double elimination bracket with a one song ...