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The Shiney Hiney

Ellen and co-host Kristen Bell shared a product with the audience that dares to go where no cleaning product has gone before.

Ellen Meets Miss Shiney Hiney!

The Shiney Hiney somehow managed to take over an entire week of Ellen's show, and Ellen had a very special guest to help celebrate!

The Real My Shiney Hiney

This is the greatest hiney shiner of All Time.

My Shiney Hiney

My Shiney Hiney delivers a fresh, modern design for the at-home personal hygiene brush and cleansing system exclusively created to clean and condition ...

Ellen's Hiney Helper

Ellen introduced her cheeky new product that is sure to help you and your pair keep up with the latest fashion trends!

Shiny Hiney Song | Charmin® Ultra Strong™ Video

Many people don't like talking about the bathroom. So, we decided to sing about it. Enjoy a little fun to make your day…and your hiney…a bit more shiny.

Gradual Taylor & The Stage Fright - shake that hiney.wmv

Gradual Taylor.

My Shiney Hiney REMIX Official Video

My Shiney Hiney took a trip to Miami and look what happened!

Shiney Hiney Week!

The product has taken Ellen's show and the Internet by storm – from Kristen Bell, to Kate Hudson, to reviews on Amazon, people can't stop talking about the ...

Hiney Kel - Judablue

Judablue opens for Moshav Band in Mexicali Live in teaneck New Jersey.

My Shiney Hiney - MyShineyHiney.com - 60

My Shiney Hiney delivers a fresh, modern design for the at-home personal hygiene brush and cleansing system exclusively created to clean and condition ...

Shiney Hiney... for Cats!

Shiney Hiney Week and Cat Week have overlapped, which can only mean one thing: Introducing the Shiney Hiney for Cats!

My Shiney Hiney Commercial

I had MTV turned on for some background noise. It was shortly before 9am when I walked by and saw a commercial for the product 'My Shiney Hiney' (which can ...

Tig Notaro on the Shiney Hiney

The wonderful Tig shared her thoughts on the Shiney Hiney, a new product, and how she'd like to be involved!

Shiney Hiney. 305 Miami

Beaches, boats and babes. Just living the dream. The life of Johnny Miami in South Florida.

OITNB 4x10 you can shove it up your tight little hiney

You can watch full episodes on Netflix here www.netflix.com Follow me on twitter for more oitnb and vauseman stuff @vausemankatic.

Hiney Wine WAKY Radio Commercial

Bob Moody, morning DJ at WAKY in Louisville, reads a commercial for Hiney Wine. (August 6, 1984)

The Hineys family in concert

Camillus Hiney (acordeonplayer Fureys ) with his wife Kate and kids Daniel and Aoife playing music.

So hot, want to touch the hiney.

A clip from the 1995 movie Billy Madison of Adam Sandler saying "So hot, want to touch the hiney"

Amazing FUNNY TV Commercial - Hiney Wine - Best Video

TV commercial for the HINEY WINERY that has Harry Hiney and Seymour Hiney talking about what they like to put in their Hiney. Meant for late night TV.

Hiney ma tov

Sagiv Cohen, Gavriel Butler and Ronit Hilel (Israel) by the last concert with live participation of Pope John Paul II linked with Vatican via satellite network; live ...