Guitar Hero 2 Infected

Guitar Hero 2 DLC Infected Expert 100% FC (337527)

Infected- Bad Religion Great song, 1st place.

Guitar Hero 2 Xbox 360 Infected Expert 100%

Sorry if it's a little glitchy because this is the first video i recorded with my capture card. Anyway, here it is.

Guitar Hero 1 Infected Expert 100% FC (337244)

Infected- Bad Religion This is a fantastic song, one of my favorites in the game. Certainly not one of my favorites to squeeze, however. I missed 800 points from ...

Guitar Hero II - Infected - 5 stars on Expert

I play Infected on Expert and get 5 stars.

Guitar Hero 2 - Xbox 360 - Infected 325K

Testing out my new gamebridge =] i had a dumb miss in the solo -_- the score was ok though.

Guitar Hero 2:Infected Expert Guitar FC

This was a neat FC, I suppose. Good classic from the first Guitar Hero and was fun to play again. In general I miss most of the older guitar hero games.

Guitar Hero 1 'Infected' by Bad Religion 100% FC

this very easy but its my fav song in this game =) the next video will be ravenous or ace of spades in gh1 =) i already fcd dat songs thanks for watch my videos.

GH2 : Infected [Expert]

uitar Hero 2 ~ Infected by Bad Religion. May re-post this track again soon.

Guitar Hero I - Infected - Expert

Bringing back old school guitar hero for everyone to enjoy.

Infected 100% Expert Guitar Sightread FC Guitar Hero 2 (DLC)

Just started to go back to this game and trust me its such an epic win Guitar Hero 2=BEST GH Game Harmonix just own at making music games Activision YOU ...

Guitar Hero - Infected - Bad Religion - Expert Guitar - 4/47

READ DESCRIPTION - Rate - Subscribe - Comment I will Make a Preview of all 47 songs in Guitar Hero 1, all Expert level. why I lose so many notes in many of ...

Infected by Bad Religion* - GH2 Co-op FC #122

Pretty cool for first try, and one of my favorite songs from the original games. Not a terrible cover, either. Does anyone want to FBFC Sorrow with me!? - Brendan ...

Guitar Hero II (Xbox 360) Infected 100% FC

This is old Downloadable Content (DLC) for Guitar Hero II. This would be a pretty simple FC... except for the solo. Much harder in the original Guitar Hero, though ...

Guitar Hero 1 Infected Pc Gameplay

Guitar Hero 1 Infected Expert Pc Gameplay Estou Jogando No Emulador De Ps2, Para Pc Galera Música 1 ...

Guitar Hero 2 (X360)- Infected 100% FC

Not that hard of a song, except the solo is a little tricky, still more out there though so I need a better SP.

Guitar Hero 2-Infected Expert 5* #178

UPDATE** I uploaded this video about 3 months ago, and I'm now ranked above 1000. I was playing the song "Infected" on the xbox 360 and it was one of my ...

Guitar Hero - Infected - Medium - Full Scale

Game: Guitar Hero Mode: Quick Play Song: Infected Difficulty: Medium Achievement: Full Scale Stars : 5 Note Streak : 528 Notes Hit : 100% Score : 132188.

Infected by Bad Religion Co-op FC

Much easier on gh2 tbh...

Infected - Guitar Hero 2 on expert

Playing "Infected" on expert level on the Xbox 360. (My first try, and yeah, I know it sucks, but I'm practicing!)

Guitar Hero II - Infected 5 stars expert

rate and comment infected 5 stars on expert.

Bad Religion - Infected (as covered by WaveGroup)

Vocals: Chris Perry Guitar: Marcus Henderson Bass, drums, keyboards and programming: Scott Dugdale Background vocals: Marcus Henderson and Austin ...

Guitar Hero I - Bad Religion - Infected

Bad Religion - Infected From Guitar Hero I Soundtrack Enjoy it!!! :D.

GH2 - Infected Expert (xbox 360)

missed a few in the beginning but i made up for it at the end.

Guitar Hero 1 Playstation 2 Infected Gameplayer.