Giantess Inshoe Crush

Inshoe crush & Converse crushing small men

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Crush Toy's with Adidas Superstars (Helga Li reupload)

I found this Helga Li video reuploaded on a channel called Carina: Maybe they ...

Melissa in Shoe City

Another quick commission ^^ A giant bat OC looks for shoe buildings that fit her perfectly :)

Giantess, Crush Crush Crush...

some normal CRUSH Also Inshoe Crush ;)

giantess SALVAGED scenes DESC for news

These are deleted scenes (from longer clips that failed the quality check) but I don't like to waste anything that can still be used. So quickly, I compiled what ...

Adidas Superstars vs Claymen Crush INSHOE

A girl wearing sneakers crushing stuff... For those who are interested. Disclaimer: People are free to watch Kedcrush videos for whatever reason. That having ...

Giantess Katrina Satisfying Tiny Crush Foot Fetish ASMR

Hello everyone and thanks for your patience. I've been away from YouTube uploads but not away fom YouTube. I've enjoyed all of your messages and have ...

[MMD Giantess] Shrunk in Mikus room 3 : Nikkis gift

Nikkis back again looking for mikus shoes, but gets a gift of her own. Took me a bit longer to do this one due to losing a weeks worth of work, then starting over, ...

flats crush snail candid

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In shoe crush & Converse crushing marshmallows

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POV Ugg In shoe crush

If you want to see my Giantess SFM work, head here I'll read comments here, since you cant really post them on here. Though I ...

giantess crush inside sneaker

giantess takes her shoes and socks off and sticks you inside. World of POV Free Custom Winning Clip Giantess, Shrinking, POV, Crush and Vore - The World of ...

three beautiful girls shrink neighbor and himiliate and crush him.

Three beautiful girls gave a magic drink to their neighbor to shrink him, then humilate him and crush him.ثلاث فتيات جميلات اعطين شرابا سحريا لجراهن لكي...

Giantess Manga nº1 - Foot Crush

See the manga here:

In Shoe Giantess - First Ever 360 GTS Content Run Buggy Productions' first free giantess spherical video.

Inshoe crush & Converse crushing spice drops candy

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MMD Shrunk in Mikus room 2 : Mikus sister Nikki

While Miku goes off to school her sister tries on her new shoes. I'm Back! This time i tried a few new things, gave making my own model a try ( man its hard).

World of POV: Unaware Mother 2

The newest movie from the World of POV - feat. Jill Diamond as an unaware mother, killing her shrunken kids and their shrunken friends, thinking they are bugs ...

Shrunk and Tortured MMD

Created by: Giantess MMD (I think) I do not own anything in this video.